Effect of low interest rates on existing loans

Changing is now particularly advantageous

Switching is now particularly advantageous

It is possible in the Netherlands in order to transfer a loan to a brand new provider. You pay a sum to transfer the mortgage from the current lender towards the other lender. Because rates of interest are very low at the moment, this particular amount can be earned in a short time.

The low interest rate with the other loan provider helps to save more money within the coming years. The usual pay back amount disappears and gives method to a lower amount. With this you will soon save several tens or even hundreds of euros on a monthly basis. With an annual basis, the difference is frequently even thousands of euros.

To switch you must initial find out how high your current rate of interest is and which loan companies charge a more attractive rate of interest. This way you can determine along with certainty that it is interesting to change. The interest often has to be a number of percent lower before it really is profitable to switch. Therefore , fixed the benefit to the costs associated with switching: this is how you prevent taking out the wrong loan.

Borrowing money is currently a lot cheaper

Borrowing money is now a lot cheaper

As soon as you took out your mortgage, the interest was undoubtedly increased. But due to the substantial drop in recent years, borrowing has become a much more attractive. There is also a good possibility that interest rates will increase again in a short time. Borrowing cash is very cheap at the moment, however it is possible that this situation will alter considerably in a short time.

If you compare the current rates of interest with the interest rate of your present loan, you will soon discover a difference. This difference may amount to no less than 3% with an annual basis. This has a substantial influence on the amount that you simply ultimately pay in attention. Thanks to the lower interest, a person pay less than necessary and this way take a nice additional amount on an annual time frame.

When will switching really pay off?

When does switching really pay off?

You want to be sure that you are changing and that you are actually getting benefits. To transfer the particular loan to another lender, a person often have to buy it away from with the current lender. This requires considerable costs. The amount of these types of costs depends on the duration from the current loan and the give up amount specified in the agreement.

Therefore , continually pay close attention to whether switching to a different lender will indeed spend. There is a chance that changing will actually lead to increased costs if you have to pay a higher lump sum. The redemption from the loan can go up to a few 1000 euros with some lenders, when you do not save a higher quantity until the end of the expression of the loan, switching can obviously not pay.

Therefore always estimate in advance whether switching is definitely interesting and what benefit it could yield until the end from the term of the loan.

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