Finance company breaks small loan rates!

Astro Finance offers revolving credit over six and twelve months at the fixed APR rate of 4.90%. An offer valid from $ 500 borrowed, up to $ 5,000. Particularly interesting for a revolving credit, it is to be approached with caution when the amount becomes significant. All the details.

Revolving credit at 4.90% fixed APR at Astro Finance

Revolving credit at 4.90% fixed APR at Astro Finance

This is the offer of the moment Astro Finance: a revolving credit from 500 $ to 5000 $ over six or twelve months at the fixed APR rate of 4.90% . Usually offered at a high rate of 21.20%, this promotional rate credit is particularly attractive. Let’s look at two examples of timelines.

Astro Finance revolving credit $ 500 over six months Fixed APR rate Monthly fees Total cost of credit
The Astro Finance offer 4.90% $ 84.49 506.94 $
Revolving credit Astro Finance $ 1,000 over twelve months      
The Astro Finance offer 4.90% $ 85.50 1026.00 $

This offer is valid under the conditions mentioned as of November 05, 2018, with no expiry date . This is probably the right time to take advantage of it.

Revolving credit or personal loan?

Revolving credit or personal loan?

The total cost of the $ 500 credit over six months is only $ 6.94, while that of $ 1000 over twelve peaks at $ 26.00. However, it is not necessarily the total cost that should be taken into account when taking advantage of a low-rate loan, but rather its monthly repayment capacity. Respectively displayed at 84.49 $ and 85.50 $, the monthly payments are in the two examples rather acceptable.

This is less the case when the amount soars. A credit of 5000 $ over twelve months implies for example monthly payments greater than 400 $. Difficult to digest for most households, they can quickly get in trouble. It is rather towards a conventional personal loan and amortizable over longer periods that it is advisable to turn in the case of a credit greater than 4000 $. In case of doubt, it is possible to contact Astro Finance.


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