Hacks so that the card debt does not consume your salary

The credit card is not bad, you just have to understand how to use it. The same goes for debts, they are not bad, but over-indebtedness is. In order to lead a credit life in peace, it is necessary to have clear criteria regarding its plastic. You are the owner and you will decide how to use it, but you must be aware that misuse will end up paying more than the bill.

So how to take advantage of your plastic without risking overpayment?


Know the billing cycle from head to toe

credit debt

If you know when your billing cycle begins and when it ends, you can take advantage of those dates and plan your purchases, so you will have approximately a month and a half to make the corresponding payment. If you are not sure of the dates, contact your bank or observe your account statement and write down the respective days. This information is extremely useful for buying and paying at the time you have more cash.


Take advantage of interest-free months for strong purchases

Many cards have promotions of months without interest, if yours offers them, the ideal is that you use it for those strong purchases that you cannot cancel in a single payment, such as an electronic or household appliance. If your plastic does not offer any attractive benefit, it is time to exchange it for one that allows you to enjoy more promotions.

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Consolidate debts

Consolidate debts

If you have many cards, you are paying for insurance and commissions. Ideally, you have only those that you use constantly, that way you also reduce your risk exposure.


Avoid cash advances

They are more expensive than using your credit card, since in many cases you must pay commissions for the use of the ATM and may even have a different interest rate. Avoiding them is a wise decision. If you need money, you can even use a loan and you would pay less in interest.


Enter a minimum amount

credit debt

Do not use plastic for small expenses. Put an amount and the rest, pay it in cash. That way you will think two or three times before using the card and making an unnecessary expense.

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