$ 1,000 Monthly Stimulus Checks for Thousands of American Families: Will You Qualify?


The Covid 19 pandemic, which has brought major new concerns to an already troubled world, continues. As we have seen standards change in countries, the pandemic has brought fear and havoc like never before.

It will be a long time before we see the end of this disease, but the virus has slowed its massive spread as testing facilities and vaccination centers spring into action. In early 2020, the pandemic epidemic took cities by storm, prompting the government to put in place closures, and the economy was brought to a halt.

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However, now the situation is not so bad. Despite the intensity of the pandemic mitigation, there are still positive cases of the delta variant and Biden is a strong advocate for the administration of the Covid 19 vaccine. Aside from the health concerns related to the pandemic, she also has had a major impact on the economy, causing inflation and unemployment to rise as businesses faced shutdown due to shrinking market share.

Unemployment on the rise; Americans need government intervention

Despite the availability of jobs in some sectors, unemployment is still on the rise and has jumped with the pandemic. People are struggling with their financial security and are behind on bills after the federal unemployment premium ended in September. So what can we do now?

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People are showing increasing interest in government post-pandemic programs that promise beneficiaries a guaranteed basic income like the recent $ 1,000 monthly stimulus checks. Before the pandemic, people did not view these programs as government decoy tactics, but can now see them paying off.

Citizens expect the government to cover health costs resulting from the pandemic, including tests and vaccinations. Apparently the hype up of local businesses and economies has turned people into these government stimulus and financial aid programs.

Fourth update of stimulation controls

People are still divided on what measures the government has taken to curb the underlying effects of the pandemic and on their relevance or effectiveness. People now rely on government intervention to deal with the drastic changes that have altered their daily lives and, most importantly, jobs and working hours.

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Those who couldn’t move their way of working remotely faced the detrimental consequences of the growing imbalance with covid restrictions. Any financial aid or stimulus control by the government is a saving grace.

$ 1,000 monthly stimulus checks as financial aid

Los Angeles is launching a recently approved government revenue program, and Chicago and Ann Arbor are planning to do the same, possibly the next ones.

It will be the largest experiment in America since a sum of 40 million dollars was approved by the city council for the guaranteed basic income: pilot program of economic assistance of Los Angeles. This will provide 3,000 poverty stricken families with monthly stimulus checks of $ 1,000 for 12 months.

Who can qualify?

Residents can qualify because their bigleap.lacity.org website started receiving applications until November 7. The program will select 3000 homes at random from the submitted applications and they will receive their monthly payments of $ 1000.

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City Councilor Curren Price said the idea of ​​a Guaranteed Basic Income that would incorporate monthly $ 1,000 stimulus checks has been underway for some time, but action in this regard has become serious as the condition of The country’s poverty has been further struck by a pandemic stroke, giving rise to racial disparities and more social injustice. Curren hopes that this pilot program of monthly $ 1,000 stimulus checks will also be implemented at the state and federal levels.

Support for monthly $ 1,000 stimulus checks has varied, while some believe families deserve the extra help from the government so they can safely manage their household expenses and basic needs by reducing the burden. duration of the recession and others think the payments were not enough.


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