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Inverness’s dad has slammed hard after being kicked out of town strip club

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Resolving issues with Calgary Flames overtime and what needs to change in 2022 https://futurekomp.net/resolving-issues-with-calgary-flames-overtime-and-what-needs-to-change-in-2022/ Wed, 29 Dec 2021 15:34:55 +0000 https://futurekomp.net/resolving-issues-with-calgary-flames-overtime-and-what-needs-to-change-in-2022/

The Calgary Flames saw their 2021-22 season interrupted after 28 games played. They did pretty well in the standings with a 15-7-6 record, good for 36 points, and still third in the Pacific Division with games in hand against the Vegas Golden Knights and Anaheim Ducks, the two teams in front of them.

The Flames have had plenty of time to reflect as the team are among the most affected by COVID, and now, as they prepare to return to the game, they need to turn their attention to areas they can improve. . While their on-ice product is as comprehensive as it has been for quite some time – mixing a consistent force play, pretty decent power play, top-level penalties, and astronomical goalies – there’s still a glaring problem and this is reflected directly in the record: what happens in extra time?

The Flames have lost six times in overtime and won only once, and yet they’re perfect 2-0 in shootouts. Something is wrong with 3v3 hockey for Calgary. This is something they will want to tighten up because in several of their overtime losses they have always been dominant over their opponent – for some reason once overtime is successful the team loses their luck and ability. finishing.

The flames fade with overtime

The Flames have won just one overtime win this season, a 4-3 win over the Washington Capitals. Drawing attention to the six overtime losses, the results are listed below. Game tables and recaps are linked for each game; statistics in the table are from NaturalStatTrick.com. Note that 5v5 stats are not adjusted for score and location to have a better comparison with 3v3 stats.

Note: The table does not take into account 3v3 play in the overtime game won by the Flames, but they were dominated by the Capitals in overtime. In both shootout wins, Calgary actually enjoyed a dominant overtime period against the Pittsburgh Penguins, but was also outscored by the Anaheim Ducks.

As for the six losses, let’s see where things went wrong. In five of six games, the Flames were the best team in regulation. Their only bad performance was their loss to the Philadelphia Flyers. It was an ineffective game for the Flames and they were lucky to get away with a point.

However, in the other five games Calgary has been doing well, much better in regulation than its opponents. These matches should not even have been extended. Their closest game among their overtime losses was their most recent against the Carolina Hurricanes, where the regulation game was close enough to a 50/50 draw in terms of expected goals … but that ignores the three-goal line. which clearly indicates that the Hurricanes took advantage of it. from.

In all the other losses, the Flames were downright dominant. Of course, the results of hockey are as random as they can be in sport: any game is winnable (or lost) for any team, any night. But the results here have started to show a trend: The Flames consistently have a better product than their opponent in regulation, but when extra time comes it’s a reverse scenario.

Deployment of overtime

So far this season, the Flames have used 12 players in 3v3 overtime situations, ranging from Johnny Gaudreau with the most ice time at 12:25 to Sean Monahan with the least at 1:45. Only four players are seated 50% or more 3v3 CF%: Dillon Dube (100.0%, 1:51 TOI), Mikael Backlund (64.71%, 8:55), Andrew Mangiapane (50.00%, 6 : 58) and Noah Hanifin (50.00%, 4:28).

One in two skaters is underwater, including the three most frequently used players: Gaudreau (38.46%, 12:25 p.m.), Elias Lindholm (23.81%, 12:22 p.m.) and Rasmus Andersson (37, 50%, 11:34 a.m.).

The expected goals are darker, as only three players are above 50%: Backlund (54.29%), Dube (100.0%) and Monahan (52.07%). Neither Dube nor Monahan have played much 3v3 hockey and their stats are skewed by the limited time spent on the ice. They will need more ice time to get a better idea of ​​what they bring to 3v3 hockey. That leaves only Backlund as the only truly effective 3v3 player this season.

Do housework during overtime

This whole situation is problematic for the Flames because whatever system and domination they have in 5v5 practically evaporates in 3v3. Now the caveat here is that no team can compare 5v5 to 3v3 results and get applicable tactics consistently – the Flames are no exception. While their overtime results are less than desirable, hockey is played mostly 5v5 and that’s where they cleaned up their game well.

Knowing that this doesn’t exactly remove the bitter taste, as the Flames have already left six points on the table, and most games shouldn’t have been extended to begin with. However, the reality is that no matter how good a squad in regulation, overtime fights are inevitable, and for the Flames, going from dominant regulation to less than stellar results in overtime is worrisome.

They need to figure out what they can do to put the games away. With the way the Flames have scored this season, they’ve been the heaviest with four forwards. Add Backlund for his possession metrics and the Flames are actually using their top five forwards for most of the overtime. In defense, they were left with Andersson, Chris Tanev, Hanifin and Oliver Kylington, all four of whom are the right choice for extra time.

So that eliminates the question of whether their player’s usage is optimal, because it probably already is. This then leads to a strategic issue. Whatever the Flames do in 3v3, they don’t keep score or limit their opponents. Considering the volatility of 3v3 with all the ice open, they need to be more tactful in their approach and have their three-man units better positioned to generate attack while defending effectively.

To Calgary

The Flames objectively need to clean up their play in overtime. In another world where they are able to close games they deserve to win, they might have remained first in the Pacific Division despite being away for so long. Thankfully, they’re still in a great position anyway as they prepare for their first comeback.

Let’s just hope the Flames will be able to win the games in regulation more often to avoid overtime altogether. But also let’s hope they get their act together in 3v3 so that they also stop giving points in these situations.

Photo by Juan Ocampo / NHLI via Getty Images

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]]> How can LPR cameras increase safety in your neighborhood? https://futurekomp.net/how-can-lpr-cameras-increase-safety-in-your-neighborhood/ Thu, 23 Dec 2021 19:00:00 +0000 https://futurekomp.net/how-can-lpr-cameras-increase-safety-in-your-neighborhood/

ALPR (Automatic License Plate Recognition) technology has been adapted to many functions since its first applications 30 years ago. Most of these functions improve the flow of traffic and improve safety, although the tools are increasingly used in other areas of business and life.

Some privacy advocates have opposed the use of LPR cameras as an unreasonable breach of privacy. Almost every government in the developed world has responded to these accusations by developing legislation to regulate the use of these cameras. It defines how operators can use the data generated by them and who can access it, how long they can keep it and how they should encrypt it. Europe’s GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) regulates the use of many types of personal data, including that from license plate readers. The vehicle, and not the personal data of its owner, is what the camera identifies.

This article will look at the many benefits of the technology. We will discuss traffic monitoring, speed control, toll collection, crime related vehicle identification and other related topics.

Mobile traffic monitoring

Police cars mixing with traffic have unique opportunities to observe driver behavior and other factors related to traffic flow and safety.

When equipped with an on-board LPR camera capable of reading the license plates of nearby vehicles and identifying the vehicles to which they are attached, they can:

  • Identify speeders and other offenders
  • Recognize stolen vehicles and those related to other crimes
  • Identify cars known to have unpaid insurance

With the ability to quickly identify the vehicle owner, they can take appropriate action as soon as they detect a problem. The ALPR is a huge improvement over when they had to call a plate number to a central operator, who would look up the number and report it to the agent, often too late for him to take action. If it is appropriate to apprehend the offender on the spot, they will immediately know if the driver is known to be dangerous, and they can call for backup.

If the officer has to report the presence of a particular vehicle to other authorities, they immediately have all the information to make the report.

Adaptive Recognition’s MicroCAM RAPI mobile camera is the ideal tool for this application.

A threat to the safety of neighborhoods and roads – Speedsters and traffic light violators

Speeding and ignoring red lights are two of the most dangerous behaviors on the road.

In truth, speed is defined as driving significantly faster than the general traffic flow, even if the general flow is fifteen km / h above the arbitrary speed limit. Cars traveling faster or slower than traffic surprise other drivers, forcing them to make sudden decisions. Under the pressure to act quickly, they can make a decision that worsens the situation and sets off a chain of events leading to accidents.

Going through red lights is perhaps even more dangerous than speeding, as a resulting crash usually happens with two vehicles passing each other. And even if the two drivers manage to avoid each other, they may make sudden movements that lead to a “secondary” accident.

Anything we can do to deter speeding and red light violations is important to improving safety. Modern ALPR cameras can identify violators so that they can be apprehended, fined, or otherwise discouraged from continuing their dangerous habits.

The measurement of average speeds on a road segment is a significant improvement offered by Adaptive Recognition’s ANPR / ALPR portable speed and traffic application camera S1 from Adaptive Recognition. This feature detects drivers who slow down at known “speed traps” and then starts accelerating again when they think they are not being watched. This camera can identify speedsters up to 1 km (0.6 mi), and it can also identify red light violators, stolen vehicles, auto insurance fraudsters, and more.

High-speed automated toll collection

Before the arrival of the ALPR, collecting tolls was a slow and messy process.

When drivers had to stop or slow down to a few km / h to pay tolls, it disrupted traffic, caused accidents, created horrors on the freeways and frustration for everyone. When drivers suddenly need to slow down considerably, some will react faster than others. Inattentive drivers may need to brake hard at the last minute. These disturbances set up perfect accident scenarios.

When LPR cameras developed to the point of identifying vehicles up to 300 km / h and connected to automatic billing / payment systems, there was no need to slow down to pay tolls.

The image shows the newly constructed bridge (2019) over Roskilde Fjord in Denmark. This project is a perfect example of the traffic flow and safety enhancements offered by RAPI assisted enhancements.

The ALPR has eliminated the traffic disruption, delays and frustration associated with old-fashioned toll collection, including unsightly toll plazas and toll plazas.

Usual offender records follow them when they travel

People who drive a lot move quite often, even leaving the limits of their hometown. Whether they’re regular speedsters or violators of other safety rules, their records often looked blank in another city. Or at least that was the case until recently.

Adaptive Recognition’s Globessey Data Server (GDS) middleware changed all that. This application connects to LPR devices on the input side and international databases on the output side. Now police officers in a large city can access as much information as possible about a driver based in another city or country. Since this middleware can connect to databases of any size, the available storage is virtually unlimited.

Since drivers who regularly travel far are sometimes the worst offenders, road safety in every neighborhood is improved through the use of this connectivity.

ALPR cameras are central players in all of the neighborhood safety improvements we have discussed. Users in road safety organizations and many other businesses are finding new ways to use this technology every week to improve safety and efficiency.

Adaptive Recognition has been a leader in this field since 1991. To learn more about ways you can use LPR technology in your business or in another application, visit their website.

photo by Mads Thomsen from Pexels

EDITOR’S NOTE: This is a promoted post and should not be taken as editorial approval

Note: Some outbound links may include affiliate tracking codes and AndroidGuys may receive compensation for purchases. Read our policy. As an Amazon Associate, we earn qualifying purchases.

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Omicron case in place, nighttime curfews; the next confinements? https://futurekomp.net/omicron-case-in-place-nighttime-curfews-the-next-confinements/ Wed, 22 Dec 2021 19:07:43 +0000 https://futurekomp.net/omicron-case-in-place-nighttime-curfews-the-next-confinements/

The Covid Omicron variant has already infected more than 213 people in India. The variant is at least three times more transmissible than Delta and has sounded the alarm bells. Mint explains whether the country’s infrastructure is ready to deal with an exponential increase in cases.

Is Omicron Likely To Spread Faster In India?

The Union Health Ministry said there were initial signs of an increase in covid-19 cases as well as increased detection of Omicron in different parts of the country. The World Health Organization (WHO) has previously said that there is consistent evidence that the Omicron spreads much faster than the Delta variant – it has warned that social mixing during the holiday season could be dangerous. . It is likely that people who have been vaccinated or who have recovered from covid-19 could be infected or re-infected. India still has a large unvaccinated population, which could lead to faster spread in India.

Is India ready with the medical infrastructure?

The government is preparing for a third wave. As the management of covid-19 patients requires isolation facilities, the number of isolation beds has increased from 10,180 before the first lockdown to 18,03,266 as of August 3, 2021. Similarly, the number of intensive care beds increased from 2,168. pre-covid to 1,24,598. India has attempted to increase oxygen availability in all states. To date, 3,236 pressure swing adsorption plants have been installed with a total commissioned oxygen capacity of 3,783 MT. In addition, 1,14,000 oxygen concentrators are provided to states under various packages.

View full picture

Omicron threat

What do the country’s health statistics say?

It’s not a pretty picture. According to government data, India has 1.4 beds per 1,000 inhabitants, 1 doctor per 1,445 inhabitants and 1.7 nurses per 1,000 inhabitants. According to statistics on rural health infrastructure released by the Union Ministry of Health, there was a 6.8% deficit of allopathic doctors in primary health centers, in March 2020.

What measures have states announced?

States have started to monitor and increase testing for Omicron cases. In accordance with the instructions of the Union Ministry of Health, all travelers from countries considered “at risk” must undergo mandatory tests on arrival by RT-PCR, followed by quarantine at home for seven days. A new RT-PCR test is performed on the eighth day of arrival. Two percent of travelers from “safe” countries are tested at random. People who test positive undergo full genomic sequencing in some laboratories.

Is there a possibility of containment?

Chances are India will reimpose restrictions. The Center appears concerned about signs of an upsurge in infections. The Union Health Ministry on Tuesday called on states to impose a nighttime curfew coupled with strict regulations on large gatherings – Christmas and New Years are fast approaching and large social gatherings may well turn into a super spreader. The ministry urged states to restrict the number of people who can attend weddings and funerals; restrict the number in offices, industries and public transport.

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‘Omicron is spreading faster than Delta’ | World news https://futurekomp.net/omicron-is-spreading-faster-than-delta-world-news/ Sat, 18 Dec 2021 22:37:20 +0000 https://futurekomp.net/omicron-is-spreading-faster-than-delta-world-news/

The Omicron variant of the coronavirus spreads much faster than the Delta strain in countries where community transmission is documented, with a doubling time of 1.5 to 3 days, the World Health Organization announced on Saturday.

The Omicron variant, which was identified as a variant of concern on November 26, has been identified in 89 countries across the six WHO regions as of December 16, he said.

Omicron is spreading rapidly in countries with high population immunity, but it is not known whether this is due to the virus’s ability to evade immunity, its inherent increased transmissibility, or a combination of the two, WHO said in an update.

“There is still limited data on the clinical severity of Omicron,” the WHO said. “More data is needed to understand the severity profile and how severity is affected by vaccination and pre-existing immunity. “

He added: “There is still limited data available and no peer-reviewed evidence on the efficacy or efficacy of the vaccine to date for Omicron.”

The WHO has warned that with the rapid increase in cases, hospitals could be overwhelmed in some places.

“Hospitalizations in the UK and South Africa continue to rise, and given the rapid increase in the number of cases, it is possible that many health systems will be quickly overwhelmed. “

Seven to 10% of new confirmed cases of coronavirus in France are suspected to be of the new variant Omicron, Health Minister Olivier Veran said on Saturday.

He said the rapid spread of the new variant was the main reason for the planned introduction of a new vaccination pass early next year, which will require people to show proof of vaccination to enter. restaurants and long-distance public transport.

Under current health pass regulations, a recent negative Covid test is sufficient to enter public places. France is also expected to curb New Year celebrations.

New York State has reported a one-day record of more than 21,000 infections as the spread of the Omicron variant accelerates in the United States.

London declares ‘major incident’ to aid hospitals

Britain on Saturday reported an increase in cases of the rapidly spreading variant of the coronavirus Omicron, and the mayor of London declared a “major incident” to help hospitals in the capital following a sharp increase in admissions of Covid-19.

The total number of registered Omicron cases across the country reached nearly 25,000 at 7:00 p.m. on Friday, up more than 10,000 cases from 24 hours earlier, the UK Health Safety Agency (UKHSA ) in its latest data. Seven people suspected of having had the Omicron variant had died on Thursday, compared with one death in previous UKHSA data which dated back to Tuesday. Hospitalizations of people suspected of having the variant increased from 65 to 85.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan has declared a “major incident” – which allows for closer coordination between different public agencies and possibly more support from central government – as admissions to Covid-19 hospital in the city have increased by almost 30% this week. He said the absences of health workers had also increased.

Sky News said government ministers were briefed on the latest coronavirus data on Saturday. The Times newspaper reported that officials were preparing a draft of new rules which, if introduced, would ban indoor mixing in England except for work for two weeks after Christmas, when pubs and restaurants would be limited to serving at table outside.

People could gather in groups of up to six outside, the newspaper said. But ministers had yet to formally review the plans, the Times said.

Local cases in China peak this month

China reported 125 new cases of the coronavirus for Friday, including 89 local, according to the National Health Commission.

This is the largest daily tally of local infections since November 30, when the country had 91 national cases, all in Inner Mongolia. The nation faces increased pressure as it seeks to root out recent outbreaks of the Delta variant, while also detecting its first Omicron cases, putting its Covid Zero approach to the test.

The latest outbreak has forced the closure of more than a dozen factories in the eastern manufacturing hub of Zhejiang province, China’s epicenter.

Separately, Australia’s most populous state of New South Wales reported a record 2,482 Covid-19 cases on Saturday, a day after relaxing international arrival rules for vaccinated travelers.

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What is bakuchiol and does it work like retinol https://futurekomp.net/what-is-bakuchiol-and-does-it-work-like-retinol/ Thu, 16 Dec 2021 00:01:00 +0000 https://futurekomp.net/what-is-bakuchiol-and-does-it-work-like-retinol/

At Lifehacker, we independently select and write things that we love and think you will like, too. We have affiliate and advertising partnerships, which means we may collect a share of the sales or other compensation from the links on this page. BTW – prices accurate and items in stock at time of posting.

If you’re feeling a little bit passionate about skin care, you’ve probably heard of bakuchiol before. It’s the latest trendy ingredient that has taken the beauty industry by storm. It’s hailed as the natural alternative to the clean beauty movement to retinol, but can it really stack up to the real thing?

What is bakuchiol?

Bakuchiol is an antioxidant found in the seeds of the Psoralea corylifolia plant. Bakuchiol offers similar benefits to traditional retinoids, such as reduction of fine lines, evenness and brightening of skin tone. Only, it is much softer, which makes it a perfect alternative for sensitive skin. But how does a botanical active achieve this? “It is clinically proven to mimic the actions of retinol by acting on the same receptors, and one study even found that bakuchiol may function as an antiaging compound through retinol-like regulation of gene expression. », Explains Jessica Speil, founder of JSHealth. .

What are the benefits of bakuchiol?

It’s easy to see why people quickly become obsessed with bakuchiol. It has all the benefits of retinol, minus the baggage. “In one study, after 12 weeks of treatment with bakuchiol, participants saw significant improvement in fine lines and wrinkles, pigmentation, elasticity, firmness, and an overall reduction in photo-damage,” says Jess. It can also be used safely during the day without worrying about causing sensitivity to the sun and during pregnancy.

How often can you use bakuchiol?

According to Jess, Bakuchiol is an incredibly effective yet gentle skin care ingredient that can be used by most people twice a day with great results. This is why it is the main ingredient in JSHealth Vitamins Skin ‘Luminous Vitamin Oil’, and the ingredient that is sweeping the skin care market. Bakuchiol is recommended for morning and evening use for optimal benefits. However, it can also be used as part of the evening skincare routine if people prefer it, explains Jess. “All skin is unique and it’s about finding what works best for an individual. “

Are there any side effects of bakuchiol or any other skin care ingredient that we shouldn’t mix it with?

“In general, bakuchiol is not known to have any side effects, which is one of the reasons it is so desirable over traditional retinol products, which are known to cause problems such as irritation, tenderness, hyperpigmentation and peeling of the skin, ”explains Jess. It also received a lot of hype, as bakuchiol is mild enough to be considered safe during pregnancy, unlike traditional retinol. While bakuchiol doesn’t have clear contraindications to other skin care ingredients, Jess explains that you shouldn’t use it if you’re already using traditional retinol, as it could be overloading. “In terms of other active ingredients, there doesn’t appear to be any conflicts, but studies are limited.” As always, Jess recommends testing the product before using it on larger areas of the skin.

Where does it come from in our skin care routine?

Currently, bakuchiol is mostly found in serums and oils, so it is recommended to apply them after cleansing and before thicker moisturizers and sunscreens. This is how your serum can effectively target your skin problems without being disturbed by other ingredients in your routine.

The key to all of this? If your skin reacts a bit to traditional vitamin A, bakuchiol is a great natural alternative that’s been found to be almost as effective as the real stuff.

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Analysis: Where the Bills have been disappointing so far in a 7-5 start | Buffalo Bills News | NFL https://futurekomp.net/analysis-where-the-bills-have-been-disappointing-so-far-in-a-7-5-start-buffalo-bills-news-nfl/ Sun, 12 Dec 2021 11:00:00 +0000 https://futurekomp.net/analysis-where-the-bills-have-been-disappointing-so-far-in-a-7-5-start-buffalo-bills-news-nfl/

A common theme throughout the Bills’ losses has been physical play. Put simply, they lose – and are sometimes dominated – on the line of scrimmage.

“Run and stop the race” may be an old cliché, but the Bills’ inability to do so was a key factor in the losses to the Titans, Colts and Patriots.

“When it comes to defending the race, that’s one of the reasons I love defense so much, because it takes everyone,” said defensive tackle Harrison Phillips. “So let’s just say you have 11 players playing each game, 50 playing a game. And every player only has one bad game, right? And 49 of the games, they’re all in their gap. But if all this happens on different games, it can be affected. And so you all have to be in your gap every time. “

This does not happen. Damien Harris’ 64-yard touchdown for the Patriots was just the latest example. The Bills also gave up a 40-yard rush to Jonathan Taylor and a 76-yard touchdown by Derrick Henry. Overall, the Buffalo run defense has allowed 35 carries over 10 yards this season.

“He’s never a person, he’s just a guy making a good game, and then the next time around he wasn’t in the same position, or vice versa,” Phillips said. “That’s what makes it that when you’re playing great defense, that’s what makes it so fun, because it’s real team defense, and everyone can celebrate because even though your fullback is sitting in maybe an A-gap on a game this way it can’t bounce back to me. Or if the linebacker puts the edge on the outside, or one of our corners bounces, if he can’t cut on the outside, maybe he doesn’t make the play. But it’s a complete team affair. It’s just hard that they can capitalize on a guy who maybe has a bad game.

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Rangers Game Day Preview: Buffalo Sabers – 10/12/21 https://futurekomp.net/rangers-game-day-preview-buffalo-sabers-10-12-21/ Fri, 10 Dec 2021 20:35:00 +0000 https://futurekomp.net/rangers-game-day-preview-buffalo-sabers-10-12-21/

The New York Rangers and Buffalo Sabers meet for the second time this season on Friday night. Their first game was held at Madison Square Garden on November 21 and looked to be heading into extra time until defenseman Ryan Lindgren broke the tie at 4-4 by scoring the game-winning goal with 0.7 seconds left in the game. regular time. Here’s a look at the intrigues ahead of tonight’s game at KeyBank Center in Buffalo.

2 scenarios: Buffalo Sabers (8-14-3)

The Sabers cooled off after a hot start

After posting a solid 5-2-1 record in October, the Sabers struggled in November, with just three wins in 14 games. In nine games that month, they allowed five or more goals, all losses. They are winless in three games in December.

On December 2, the Florida Panthers scored seven goals against them and the Carolina Hurricanes scored six goals against them on December 4. The Sabers have two injured goalkeepers and another who is on the COVID-19 protocol list. They also struggled to score, averaging 2.76 goals per game played (GF / GP), ranked 22sd in the NHL.

Injuries hampered sabers

Guardian Dustin Tokarski has been absent since being placed under COVID-19 protocol on December 2. He’s been in 14 games – 13 starts – with a 4-5-3 record, a goals against average (GAA) of 3.28 and save percentage (SV%) of .903. He played more than any of the five goaltenders on the roster. The Sabers called Ukko-Pekka Luukkonen, 22, of the Rochester Americans on Dec. 6 due to issues with the team’s stability in the position. Aaron Dell is another goaltender who played for the San Jose Sharks and New Jersey Devils before his tenure with the Sabers.

Related: Sabers News & Rumors: Tuch, Anderson, Tokarsi & Caggiula

Dustin Tokarski, Buffalo Sabers (Photo by Bill Wippert / NHLI via Getty Images)

Goalkeeper Craig Anderson, who has suffered an upper body injury since November 2, joins Tokarski in the injured reserve (IR) and Malcolm Subban, acquired in a Chicago Blackhawks trade on December 2, suffered a lower body injury. Injury on his first start for the Sabers on Dec. 4 and it’s hand-to-hand, although he skated with the team during practice. Forward Alex Tuch, acquired in the business of Jack Eichel, is also in IR with a shoulder injury. He was operated on at the end of July and will be away for about six months.

2 scenarios: New York Rangers (17-5-3)

Winning Streak Ends, Kinkaid Called From Wolf Pack

The Blueshirts were defeated by the Colorado Avalanche 7-3 on Wednesday to end a seven-game winning streak. A win over the Sabers on Nov. 21 kicked off the winning streak, and the Rangers have the opportunity to start another against the Sabers tonight. The Rangers are 8-2-0 in their last ten games.

UPDATE: #NYR assigned Morgan Barron and Adam Huska to @WolfPackAHL and recalled Keith Kinkaid. Greg McKegg is back from the covid protocol.

With starting goaltender Igor Shesterkin in IR with a lower body injury suffered Dec. 3 against the San Jose Sharks, substitute Alexandar Georgiev took on the starter role. Adam Huska, who was called up from the Hartford Wolf Pack to serve as a replacement, made his first NHL start against the Avalanche in loss. His first stint in the league was short-lived as he was sent back to the Wolf Pack yesterday while Keith Kinkaid was called up to serve as a replacement. Kinkaid has more NHL experience than Huska, and in 11 games this season for the Wolf Pack he has a stellar 9-1-1 record, GAA of 2.59 and SV% of .916

The Rangers have Balance through four lines

After a few mixes and matches, head coach Gerard Gallant seems to have found the right chemistry in his four-line combinations to support the offense. Chris Kreider took much of the scoring, but the team have recently found a better balance in the roster. The fourth row of Kevin Rooney, Barclay Goodrow and Ryan Reaves has played well since Gallant decided to give the suit a look.

Related: Rangers Reap The Rewards Of Reaves’ Deterrence

Ryan Reaves New York Rangers
Ryan Reaves, New York Rangers (Photo by Jared Silber / NHLI via Getty Images)

Artemi Panarin and Ryan Strome, who have played together in previous seasons, are also playing well with teammate Dryden Hunt. The ‘Kid Line’ of Alexis Lafrenière, Filip Chytil and Julien Gauthier has given energy to the Blueshirts since their creation. The third row showed bursts of speed and created scoring opportunities.

Player to watch: Jacob Trouba

Jacob Trouba stepped up offensively and held his own in a few back-to-back games against the Chicago Blackhawks and the Avalanche. Against the Blackhawks, he had to respond with a hit on Jujhar Khaira and then on Avs Nathan MacKinnon. Khaira had to be taken off the ice on a stretcher while MacKinnon was able to skate on her own. The Rangers defenseman, a candidate for the vacant captain, amassed points in four of five games in December for a 3-3-6 stat line during the month. He will be looking to maintain his attacking game in tonight’s game.

The Rangers need to put Wednesday’s loss behind them and respond with a strong performance on the road against a Sabers team looking to build momentum and break through a month-long slump. The Blueshirts will look to maintain their position near the top of the Metropolitan Division alongside the Washington Capitals and Hurricanes. Tonight’s game is a good opportunity for the Rangers to start a new winning streak.

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Bitcoin, Ethereum Trade Hacked Bitmart For $ 200 Million In Floki, BabyDoge And Other Tokens Amid Crypto Crash https://futurekomp.net/bitcoin-ethereum-trade-hacked-bitmart-for-200-million-in-floki-babydoge-and-other-tokens-amid-crypto-crash/ Sun, 05 Dec 2021 11:18:00 +0000 https://futurekomp.net/bitcoin-ethereum-trade-hacked-bitmart-for-200-million-in-floki-babydoge-and-other-tokens-amid-crypto-crash/

The CRYPTO Bitmart exchange was hacked, suffering a loss of nearly $ 200 million on various tokens.

Security researchers PeckShield first detected the cyber attack and estimated that the exchange suffered a loss of $ 100 million.


Hackers Targeted Bitmart Crypto ExchangeCredit: Getty
Almost $ 200 million worth of various cryptocurrencies were hacked in the cyberattack


Almost $ 200 million worth of various cryptocurrencies were hacked in the cyberattackCredit: Reuters

Further investigation by the team revealed a simultaneous hack of $ 96 million on the crypto exchange’s BSC reserves.

Bitmart representatives initially claimed the outings were routine withdrawals, calling reports of the hack “fake news,” Coin Desk reports.

However, Bitmart founder and CEO Sheldon Xia later confirmed the incident in a Twitter post: “We have identified a large-scale security breach related to one of our ETH hot wallets and the ‘one of our BSC hot wallets. At this time, we are still concluding the possible methods used. The hackers were able to withdraw assets worth approximately $ 150 million. “

Xia added that the exchange “is undergoing a thorough security review” and all withdrawals are on hold until “further notice.”

PeckShield first noticed something was wrong around 7:30 p.m. UTC when it detected an excessive amount of outgoing transfers.

He discovered a range of tokens, which included tokens even like Shiba (SHIB), plus $ 500,000 in the USDC stablecoin.

Other affected altcoins included Binance Coin (BNB), Safemoon, BSC-USD, and BNBBPay (BPay).

Coins such as BabyDoge, Floki, and Moonshot were also compromised in the hack.

Other observers have indicated that funds have also been withdrawn from the Binance Smart Chain blockchain.

The funds have been sent to the Ethereum Tornado Cash mixing service, which will make tracking more difficult, reports The Block Crypto.

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The hack follows a Bitcoin price collapse where the cryptocurrency fell 16.5% on Saturday, losing a fifth of its trillion dollar value.

The drop comes less than a week after Bitcoin hit a record high of over $ 69,000.

The steep fall wiped out an estimated $ 300 billion in value from the combined crypto market in just two days.

Bitcoin, the number one cryptocurrency, reached a low market value of $ 51,808.54, according to figures from CoinDesk.

5 risks of crypto investments

BELOW we have put together five risks of investing in cryptocurrencies.

  • Consumer protection: Certain investments announcing high returns based on crypto assets may not be subject to regulation beyond anti-money laundering requirements.
  • Price volatility: The high volatility of crypto-asset prices, combined with the difficulties inherent in a reliable valuation of crypto-assets, puts consumers at high risk of loss.
  • Product complexity: The complexity of some crypto-asset related products and services can make it difficult for consumers to understand the risks. There is no guarantee that cryptoassets can be converted back to cash. The conversion of a crypto-asset into cash depends on the existing demand and supply in the market.
  • Costs and fees: Consumers should consider the impact of fees and charges on their investment, which may be higher than those of regulated investment products.
  • Promotional material: Companies may overestimate product returns or underestimate the risks involved.
Bitcoin recently suffered a price crash


Bitcoin recently suffered a price crash
Cryptocurrency investor discusses bitcoin in 2011, before it earns a life of luxury

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Sam Reinhart faces Sabers with Florida Panthers https://futurekomp.net/sam-reinhart-faces-sabers-with-florida-panthers/ Thu, 02 Dec 2021 19:44:13 +0000 https://futurekomp.net/sam-reinhart-faces-sabers-with-florida-panthers/

After being traded to the Florida Panthers in July, Sam Reinhart said he had no resentment towards the Buffalo Sabers.

He was keen to contact Sabers general manager Kevyn Adams the day after the transaction during the 2021 NHL Draft.

“I thought it was important to contact him when we have had a little more time to digest a bit,” said Reinhart.

“It’s not a 20-second conversation. I respect him, I respect everyone who is still there. So, no hard feelings.

With his first clash against his former team Thursday night at Sunrise, Reinhart says he’s ready to get back on the ice and face his former teammates.

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“I’m pretty excited,” Reinhart said after Thursday morning practice

“I was there long enough and it was the only place I knew, a lot of friendships that have continued even though I’m in a new organization, these go much further from the rink.

“All the staff they have there are all great guys and it’s just nice to be able to catch up the last couple of days.”

While he would have preferred the first meeting against the Sabers to be in Buffalo, Reinhart is ready to step on the ice and play against his former team.

“Probably [would] feel a little more, just with the general environment returning to Buffalo, ”Reinhart said. “I spent a lot of years there, but I can’t wait to come back and play another one tonight.”

The adjustment period was accompanied by a rapid turnaround. Reinhart started training camp with a new team for the first time since being drafted by Buffalo.

Injuries in the Panthers roster have also caused Reinhart to move up and down the roster and play with different players.

“I think there’s been a lot of rolling so far, a lot of shuffling and pairing, a few injuries that we’ve had to juggle here and there,” said Reinhart.

“But I think the important thing about this group is depth, from a striker’s point of view there are a lot of guys you can play with, a lot of guys you can create chances with, so it was fun. “

Interim coach Andrew Brunette is impressed with the way Reinhart has handled the change and moved to South Florida.

“It’s always difficult to change teams and I think he’s a real brain player,” said Brunette. I think it’s hard to find a chemistry with guys it’s hard to know where you fit in and with the success we had last year he is just trying to find his way and it gets a little hard .

“I think he did a great job. We move it all over the place, we always try to figure it out a bit too, but with every line it comes forward it generates an attack somehow.

FHN TODAY: Joe Thornton was everything the Florida Panthers hoped for

Brandon Montour, someone he shared the ice with in Buffalo for three seasons, was already with the Panthers after being traded there during the 2021 trade deadline.

Montour was delighted to welcome his former teammate to town after the trade.

“It was great, he’s a great guy off the ice,” he said. “We are friends and obviously, on the ice, you could see his talent. So on both sides, off the ice and on the ice, it’s great to have him by our side.

Brandon Montour has settled in, powered by the Florida Panthers

Montour was a free agent at the time of the trade, but was already looking to re-sign with the Panthers even before the trade was concluded.

“No, the Panthers were still on the roster,” Montour said when asked if Reinhart’s arrival had anything to do with his decision to sign again.

“We were going to find a way to sign, adding that Sam helped me, but just from last year, the end of the year, experiencing the time I had here, there was no idea that I was going to come back eventually. “

Having a familiar face on the team – a friend, as Montour described – also helped Reinhart’s transition to the Panthers.

“I think it helps the transition for sure,” Brunette said. “It makes you a little more comfortable, a familiar face, someone you know and knows you a little bit.

“[Montour] was here last year, so he was able to bring [Reinhart] in the group and the transition looks seamless.

Since arriving in Florida, Reinhart has become a key member of the Panthers roster, scoring five goals, totaling 13 points in 22 games this season.

“I was really impressed with his puckless play and handling of the game,” said Brunette. “He’s a smart player, but he seems to enjoy the big moments of putting the pucks in the right areas and some of those little things that really help our hockey club.

He had one of those great moments on Tuesday, scoring the game-winning goal with 14.4 seconds left in regulation to cap a four-goal comeback in a 5-4 win over the Washington Capitals.

“It feels good to finish this comeback and gain regulation,” said Reinhart. “For this crowd tonight, it’s a big hit for us.”

Injury Updates

Gus Forsling has started skating for the first time since being placed on the injured list on Sunday.

Brunette says he’s still “week to week” and will be assessed tomorrow.

Anthony Duclair was not there for morning practice after skating on Tuesday.

Brunette says he stays “day to day” without suffering any setbacks. He hopes to have Duclair back for practice on Friday.


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