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Joyce Meyer CBD Gummies Reviews: Are you also struggling to determine the best supplement for treating many health issues? Nowadays, many suffer from excessive levels of anxiety, stress as well as body aches, headaches and more. People spend the majority of their time sitting in front of their laptops, glued to their computers, for their work and personal work.

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If you are also one of them you must also try the Joyce Meyer CBD Gummies which are amazing and have been a great help to me. In this Gummies review, I will help you understand this supplement better, so that you can understand the results that you will get with the help of this product.

Today, CBD products are very popular due to the benefits claimed by the public. CBD is extremely helpful and helps with different health issues, which is the main reason people are adopting CBD as a solution. CBD.

CBD can help people alleviate various problems using just one product, and they don’t have to buy multiple products either. CBD comes in the form of chewable CBD.

Today, Joyce Meyer CBD Gummies is a popular brand of CBD Gummies. If you are looking for CBD Gummies Reviews If yes, you are on the right track since in this article I will help you understand these Gummies effortlessly and in very simple language.

◾ What is Joyce Meyer CBD Gummies?

Joyce Meyer CBD Gummies is the component of CBD that helps overcome many health issues. It comes in the form of Gummies which can be easily eaten. It is a great advantage that it is made from a proprietary blend of natural herbs.

The most important ingredient in CBD is the nutrients from the hemp plant which have been used to treat forms of disease for many years. Many people take Joyce Meyer CBD Gummy to relax from anxiety, stress, sleeping problems, joint pain, persistent pain, etc.

You just need to take the supplement to get rid of the problems that you frequently face. It is a product that does not present any risk of negative side effects thanks to its tested, natural and powerful components. You just need to use the supplement and the process will begin in a matter of minutes.

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◾ What Exactly Can Joyce Meyer CBD Gummies Benefit Mental Health?

Joyce Meyer CBD Gummies consists of CBD hemp extract, which could be a side effect extracted from the cannabis plant. It provides your body with an extremely natural remedy that has been researched and proven to be effective in treating anxiety and mental pressure.

It is a much better option to take pain relievers instead of suffering from negative side effects. Because it is a product entirely based on nature, it is not subject to adverse consequences. Joyce Meyer CBD Gummies gives you full body recovery and increases your ability to think clearly. You don’t have to worry about becoming excessively risky due to the allowable amount of CBD.

What exactly are the components of Joyce Meyer CBD Gummies Canada?

The product is a blend of natural ingredients that can help reduce tension, joint pain, sleep disturbances, joint pain, and various other issues. You are safe with the use of Joyce Meyer CBD Gummies. because there are no high characteristics.

It is a THC-free supplement and it is harmless. One of the most appealing aspects is that every step of the manufacturing is done in the United States. The supplement is produced in accordance with GMP regulations and rules.

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◾ What is the customer’s opinion on Joyce Meyer CBD Gummies Canada?

Joyce Meyer CBD Gummies is a CBD product that is made by extracting CBD hemp plants to treat a variety of bodily ailments, including joint pain. These chewable products make your brain more relaxed and provide better memory, challenging the cap’s ability to focus more and also gaining knowledge about the process.

Joyce Meyer CBD Gummy has been praised for using customer testimonials across the globe. Due to its healing and anti-inflammatory properties without harming your body or mental well-being. Anyone over 18 can consume Gummies.

As it is not in the FDA classification for nutritional supplements that Joyce Meyer CBD Gummies can be purchased without a prescription. They are a felony to be consumed in all countries of the United States. If your state has hemp that’s legal, then you might have that too.

The purchase of Joyce Meyer does not require a medical prescription. If you are currently taking medication, you should make sure to seek the advice of your doctor and follow directions for all related situations.

Joyce Meyer CBD Gummies Shark Tank?

The reason for the existence of the shark aquarium is not just to create food supplements like Joyce Meyer CBD Gummies. In the show, the sharks help new organizations and agencies improve their business by giving them huge sums of money for the stage. There is a lot of CBD advice to be found on walks, so be careful with the information you receive.

As you witnessed the shark tank display in the awesome shark tank display, you can see the advancement of nutritional supplement organizations and new agencies. There isn’t a lot you can learn about shark tank information. Because its goal is not to create food supplements.

It’s also all day, safe and secure. It is made in the USA. It does not contain any specific additives which makes it exceptional and amazing to use in everyday life.

Joyce Meyer CBD gummies are not safe. Some are psychoactive and make people too forgiving. CBD is extracted from hemp plants. Their properties are distinct. The substance affects receptors inside the brain. But, CBD connects to a variety of receptors and nourishes the SEC.

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What is the process behind The Keoni Gummies?

Keoni Gummies come with 500 mg of CBD to match the bottle. Each die contains 25 mg. This is enough to keep the endocannabinoid system (ECS) working. You should be aware of the capabilities and capabilities of this endocannabinoid system.

It is the best part of the interior of the human body. It helps in the regulation of diet, the sleep cycle as well as cognitive ability and management of irritation. Joyce Meyer CBD Gummies help keep the ECS functioning by helping the CBD.

CBD is an endocannabinoid that is created by the internal organs of the body or comes from hemp plants also known as CBD because it comes from the plant body. It is therefore essential to perform various physical functions.

How to use the dose of Joyce Meyer CBD gum?

A bottle of Joyce Meyer CBD Gummies contains Gummies for the next 30 days. Additionally, you should consume a sticky one regularly throughout the day, or even without a meal. Avoiding dosages due to overuse will not give you the best results.

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It is essential to contact a professional before starting, stopping, or mixing CBD, chewable, or other dietary supplements. The supplement is a shambles for efficiency, reliability and benefits, but each person has their own requirements.

If your needs are as varied as your customers, you can use the gummy candies that come with a variety of dietary supplements.

Read also [Keomni Cbd Gummy cubes]: https://www.openpr.com/news/2406660/keoni-cbd-gummy-cubes-500mg-reviews-does-gummies-worth

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Joyce Meyer CBD Gummies is the component of CBD that helps overcome many health issues. It comes in the form of Gummies which can be easily eaten

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Sprayed concrete / shot cement market study in Europe, forecasts and https://futurekomp.net/sprayed-concrete-shot-cement-market-study-in-europe-forecasts-and/ https://futurekomp.net/sprayed-concrete-shot-cement-market-study-in-europe-forecasts-and/#respond Fri, 24 Sep 2021 05:19:00 +0000 https://futurekomp.net/sprayed-concrete-shot-cement-market-study-in-europe-forecasts-and/

European shotcrete market

Concrete is probably the most versatile material used in the construction industry. It is strong enough to form the base material required for the most massive structures. Shotcrete was widely used for repair work and adopted for new construction activities. The current acceptance is that “shotcrete” is used in the United States and “shotcrete” is the term most widely used in Europe. There are several suppliers of shotcrete / shotcrete in the European region. These service providers use various processes such as dry spray and wet spray to build and repair.

In 2019, the European shotcrete / shot cement market was valued at USD 6,043 million, and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 9.3% during the forecast period 2020-2027.

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Market dynamics

The European shotcrete / shot cement market is mainly driven by increasing urbanization, the development of cement to improve its efficiency and various advantages over traditional cement. equipment, processes and chemicals. Thus, the improved products are responsible for improved structural and mechanical strength of the built infrastructure. For example, in January 2018, Kryton International Inc. launched a concrete hardening admixture, named Hard-Cem, which increases the erosion and abrasion resistance of concrete. The construction segment is expected to account for around 10.3% of GDP in developed economies compared to 0.7% in emerging markets by 2027.

In addition, increased government support for the development of new and advanced products and the presence of large companies have supported the growth of the market in Europe.

Economic and technical efficiency of shotcrete

Significant metropolitan growth and a rapidly growing urban population are responsible for the increasing demand for public infrastructure such as the underground rail network, road tunnels and parking lots. In addition, the expansion of underground industrial activities such as mining, water and wastewater treatment plants is fueling the demand for underground construction. Unlike ordinary concrete, the shotcrete process does not require compaction or forming and can be sprayed directly onto the surface, reducing construction time and saving additional costs for users. Shotcrete offers several advantages such as increased durability and it also offers improved mechanical strength to the infrastructure compared to ordinary concrete. In addition, the built structure constructed of shotcrete is less porous, which increases the bond strength and improves the overall strength of the structure.

Difficulties in spraying processes

Shotcrete mortar is conveyed by two distinct spraying processes namely wet spraying and dry spraying. However, the two methods have different drawbacks such as dust formation, rebound, spray rate and material waste.

The dry spraying process leads to the production of large amounts of dust as well as a higher rebound rate due to the types of aggregates used in concrete. In addition, it has a lower spray rate, which can lead to reduced productivity.

However, in the wet spraying process, the dust generation and rebound rate is very low compared to the dry process, but the equipment used for wet spraying is very expensive and may require high maintenance, which will probably lead to low maintenance. segment growth. be hampered during the forecast period.
Advantages and disadvantages of spraying techniques

Difficulties Dry spraying Wet spraying
Dust formation High Low
High Low Rebound
Spray Low High
Equipment cost Low High
Source: RM Analysis

By type, fast-curing cement held the largest market share of the European shotcrete / shot-cement market

On the basis of type, the market is segmented into Fast Curing Cement, Low Temperature Cement, Sulphate Resistant Cement, White Cement, Impermeable Cement, High Alumina Cement, and others. Among which the fast-curing cement is mostly common and widely used in road construction where the traffic cannot be interrupted for a long time. In addition, it is also used in conditions where sufficient strength for further construction is desired as quickly as possible, such as precast slabs, poles, utility poles and the like. Fast-curing cement holds most of the market due to its huge applications.

By process, the wet spraying segment dominated the European shotcrete / shot cement market in 2018

On the basis of the process, the market is segmented into wet spraying and dry spraying. The wet spraying market held the largest market share in 2018 and was valued at approximately USD 4,168 million during the forecast period. Wet shotcrete is the delivery of ready-mixed shotcrete composed of cement, aggregate, shotcrete admixtures and water in a workable mixture. Wet shotcrete is primarily used where a high setting concrete class is specified and high performance is required. The main applications of the wet shotcrete process are: significantly improved working conditions in the spray area, shotcrete work with high production capacity and higher durability due to mixing water quantity controlled. It is the fastest growing segment.

By application, the underground construction segment held the largest market share of the European shotcrete / shot cement market.

Based on application, the market is categorized into underground construction, water retention structures, protective coatings, freeform structures, and repair work. Underground construction is expected to dominate the market due to the growth in construction and transportation activities. The construction sector in Europe is a major contributor to regional GDP, accounting for around 9% of EU GDP, due to which the government of the region is taking various initiatives to boost the growth of the sector. According to the European Federation of the Construction Industry (FIEC), in 2018 the total EU construction output was estimated at around 1.641 billion. The sector included 3.3 million enterprises, creating around 29% and 6.4% of total industrial employment and total employment in the European Union in the same year.

Source: European Federation of the Construction Industry

Regional analysis

Geographically, the European shotcrete / shot cement market is segmented into Germany, France, UK, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, Russia and the rest of Europe.

The European shotcrete / shot cement market is one of the most dominant markets in the world. Germany and the UK represent a significant share of the European market due to the increase in high-tech and safe transport infrastructure and systems. In addition, the rapid development of construction industries, strict government regulations regarding cement grades and quality, and the availability of funds for research and development are stimulating the growth of the market to a certain extent. Germany holds the largest share of the European market, while Turkey is expected to become the region’s fastest growing economy.

Key players

Some of the major market players are CEMEX SAB de CV (Mexico), LafargeHolcim Ltd. (Switzerland), Tarmac Building Products Limited (UK), Natural Cement distribution ltd (UK), Lkab Berg & Betong AB (Sweden), KPM Industries (Canada), HEIDELBERGCEMENT AG (Germany), BASF (Germany), A & A Ready Mixed Concrete, Inc. (US) and GCP Applied Technologies (UK).

The major market players are focusing on various business growth strategies such as expansion, mergers and acquisitions, and product launch to expand their business in the regional market, thereby helping them to gain the maximum market share.

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Recent developments

Some of the recent developments in the shotcrete / shot cement market are:

In 2018, Heidelberg Cement AG, a major player in cement and other construction products, completed the acquisition of Essroc Cement for $ 4.2 billion.
In 2017, GCP Applied Technologies announced its two new cement additives to improve performance and reduce costs
In 2017, BASF SE, a leading player in the manufacture of chemicals, announced that it had completed the acquisition of THERMOTEK, a leading sealant supplier. In addition, in the same year, PCI Group, a subsidiary of BASF SE also finalized the acquisition of the professional building materials business for Western Europe from Henkel.
In 2017, LafargeHolicim, the Swiss materials giant, announced its investment of 120 million USD to expand the cement plant in the province of Argentina
Targeted audience

Cement manufacturers
Construction companies
Cement additive manufacturers
Government organization
Potential investors
Research and development institutes

By types

Fast curing cement
Low temperature cement
Sulphate resistant cement
White Cement
Waterproof cement
High alumina cement
By process

Wet spray
Dry spraying
By applications

Underground constructions
Water retention structures
Protective coatings
By geography

The rest of europe

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Researchers launch a 50% threshold for a “real climate strategy” | New https://futurekomp.net/researchers-launch-a-50-threshold-for-a-real-climate-strategy-new/ https://futurekomp.net/researchers-launch-a-50-threshold-for-a-real-climate-strategy-new/#respond Wed, 22 Sep 2021 16:20:14 +0000 https://futurekomp.net/researchers-launch-a-50-threshold-for-a-real-climate-strategy-new/

An equity portfolio where climate considerations represent less than 50% of the determinants of the equity weight should not be allowed to claim that it is climate-friendly or aligned with net zero ambitions, according to the authors of an EDHEC- Scientific Beta study.

In the study “Do good or feel good?” Detecting Greenwashing in Climate Investing ”, Noël Amenc, Felix Goltz and Victor Liu explained how they tested stylized climate investing strategies in developed stock markets only to find that popular climate strategies are incompatible with the goal of influencing companies to reduce their emissions.

Yesterday during a webinar, Goltz, associate researcher at EDHEC Business School and research director at index provider Scientific Beta, said that climate investing is different from standard investing because it also pursues non-financial goals. Investor initiatives such as the Paris-aligned Investment Initiative have made it clear that they are helping to limit global warming as a goal, he said.

In their analysis, Goltz, Amenc and Liu discovered three key gaps that introduce greenwashing risks into climate strategies.

The first is that stock weights in stylized strategies were primarily determined by market capitalization, with climate scores only accounting for 12% of the weight differences between stocks.

The trio also said that climate investment strategies were “relatively insensitive in their allocation decisions to the dynamics of corporate climate performance,” with an average of around 35% of stocks whose climate score deteriorates over time. time being rewarded with an increase in weight.

According to the authors, weighting decisions at the company level should send clear signals to company management to motivate them to improve their climate performance.

“Such clear signals are also important for engagement strategies to be effective,” they wrote.

The language in a separate EDHEC statement on the study was stronger, describing the inconsistency between companies’ climate performance and weights in investor portfolios as “remov[ing] all the credibility of the engagement actions that investors carry out with these same companies ”.

Another finding highlighted in the study document is that climate strategies “underweight key sectors such as electricity drastically, by up to 91%”.

“If this results in good portfolio green scores, it will be less easy to green the economy by cutting electricity,” the authors write.

Do not mix

According to the study, all climate-aligned indices and popular funds are exposed to the risk of portfolio greenwashing they identified, “and unfortunately the recent EU regulation on Paris-Aligned benchmarks (PAB ) does not protect against this risk ”.

Speaking in a webinar, Goltz, an associate researcher at EDHEC Business School and research director at Scientific Beta, said a constraint imposed by the PAB regulation was too broad to prevent underweighting or even letting go. complete exclusion of sectors crucial to reducing fossil fuels. consumption.

In their article, Goltz and his co-authors recommended that institutional investors and their consultants pay attention to the risks they identified when conducting due diligence, but also said, “We think it is time. to collectively examine the necessary paradigm shift in climate investment ”. .

“It is not possible to achieve a climate revolution by continuing to stick to traditional benchmarks,” they wrote.

“Only by freeing climate investments from the constraints and targets of minimizing tracking errors can we hope to have consistent benchmarks with climate alignment targets.”

“Mixing financial goals and climate goals is not the right thing to do”

Noël Amenc, associate professor of finance at EDHEC and founding CEO of Scientific Beta

Regulators should establish clear rules to fight against greenwashing of portfolios, they continued, and “avoid promoting green labels based on regulations that in no way protect investors from the risks of greenwashing, as is the case with the EU PAB regulation ”.

A concrete suggestion from them was that a threshold to qualify as “true green strategies” is that at least 50% of the weight of the constituents be determined by climatic metrics. When this criterion is not met, “the strategy must not be marketed as a real climate strategy,” they wrote.

Speaking during the webinar, Amenc, associate professor of finance at EDHEC and founding CEO of Scientific Beta, said he wanted to stress that the aim of the study was not to shed light on a fund or index in particular, but to “question the methodology”.

“Our idea is also not to say that investors or asset managers are ready to do the wrong things,” he added. “We strongly believe that investors are really honest with the climate issue. We strongly believe that asset managers want to make an impact, but they are not using the right methodology.

“Mixing financial goals and climate goals is not the right thing to do. “

The study in question was carried out within the framework of the EDHEC-Scientific Beta research chair for the “Advanced ESG and Climate Investing” research chair, co-funded by Scientific Beta.

Looking for the latest PEI magazine? Read the digital edition here.

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Wood residues in ruminant feed https://futurekomp.net/wood-residues-in-ruminant-feed/ https://futurekomp.net/wood-residues-in-ruminant-feed/#respond Mon, 20 Sep 2021 12:33:02 +0000 https://futurekomp.net/wood-residues-in-ruminant-feed/

Wood residues are made up of complex carbohydrates, the percentage of which varies depending on the type of tree used and their stage of growth. In general, wood residues mainly consist of cellulose (50%), hemicellulose (20-30%) and lignin (15-35%), in addition to small amounts of soluble sugars, fatty acids, alcohols and proteins, especially in the wood of certain trees such as pine and deciduous trees in their early stages of growth.


Various chemical, biochemical and physical treatments have been suggested to increase the digestibility of wood by animals. These treatments include:

  • Hydrolysis with various acids to dissolve cellulose
  • Alkaline and ammonia treatment to saponify ester bonds and promote swelling beyond the dimensions swollen by water to increase microbiological penetration into the structure of the cell wall
  • Break lignin-cellulose chemical bonds with various chemicals to produce digestible cellulose
  • Grinding to very small particle size to change the crystal structure of cellulose
  • High energy electron irradiation to break chemical bonds of lignin and cellulose

Animal feeding experiments

In one study, sawdust from pine, oak, aspen and other tree species was included in 10% of the diet of beef steers, resulting in equivalent performance to diets containing an equal amount of coastal Bermuda grass. However, steers fed 15% sawdust had lower bodyweight gains and consumed slightly less food than coastal Bermuda grass-fed animals.

In another study, oak sawdust was fed 5% and 15% of the diet and compared to oyster shells and ground timothy hay as forage-based feedlot rations. . Performance data indicated that sawdust could be used successfully at levels up to 15% rpm without significantly affecting performance. Coarsely ground sawdust gave better results than finely ground sawdust.

Aspen sawdust for dairy cattle

For dairy cattle, it has been shown that aspen sawdust can replace 30% of conventional feed in dairy cows producing 20 kg of milk per day without reducing digestible dry matter intake or milk production. Cows consuming aspen sawdust also maintained normal milk fat levels. At certain stages of the life cycle of dairy cows, dilution of the ration with wood has made it possible to regulate energy intake and therefore to avoid untimely fattening. In one study, grain consumption was controlled by including up to 45% wood fiber with grain in the diet of dairy cows.

Wood residue for fattening lambs

Processed wood residues were also added to the diet of the fattening lambs at a rate of 60% with a resulting 7% increase in growth rates and a higher digestibility value of dry matter compared to lambs receiving hay only as fodder material. These results have been attributed to the increase in the net energy of wood after chemical or physical treatment, as well as the increased efficiency of the animal in converting this energy in the rumen to volatile fatty acids (VFAs) for a use by the animal in growth and other productive purposes after digestion.

Liquid wood residue

There are also liquid residues from the manufacture of wood, either by sulphurization to produce cellulose, or by steam pressure to produce wood panels. The resulting material, in this case called wood molasses, is mainly made up of around 65% soluble sugars, which is equivalent to the percentage of sugars found in other types of molasses such as cane, beet or molasses. citrus fruits, thus providing an important source of energy in animal feed (Table 1). Wood molasses was used in some experiments at 10% of the total feed lamb concentrates after mixing with urea. There were no significant differences in animal production when feeding wood molasses or other types of molasses, such as beet molasses (Table 2), without adverse effects on the health or metabolism of the animal.

Points to consider

  • Although limited amounts of wood residue or sawdust can be used as a forage factor or as a diluent in ruminant feed, it is evident that most wood species fed without chemical or physical treatment are not satisfactory in terms of food. as major components of the ruminant diet. This has sparked increased interest in weathering wood through such treatments to make it more acceptable and digestible by ruminants.
  • Wood residues that have been exposed to chemical treatments should be carefully screened for residual chemicals that adversely affect animal health and production.
  • Dry wood residues contain only small amounts, or may be almost devoid of many essential nutrients. Thus, animals whose diets contain large amounts of wood can be unhealthy if the diet is not properly balanced.
  • Most wood residues are relatively high in moisture, which poses storage problems due to their deterioration. Therefore, research is needed to identify inexpensive ways to preserve high moisture wood residue. Preservation by silage and the use of mold inhibitors are approaches that could be successful.
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A proposal to plant a trillion trees to save us from climate change may not be realistic. here’s why https://futurekomp.net/a-proposal-to-plant-a-trillion-trees-to-save-us-from-climate-change-may-not-be-realistic-heres-why/ https://futurekomp.net/a-proposal-to-plant-a-trillion-trees-to-save-us-from-climate-change-may-not-be-realistic-heres-why/#respond Sun, 19 Sep 2021 18:00:00 +0000 https://futurekomp.net/a-proposal-to-plant-a-trillion-trees-to-save-us-from-climate-change-may-not-be-realistic-heres-why/

During his 2020 State of the Union address, President Donald Trump – whose presidency had yet to be derailed by the COVID-19 pandemic – attempted to impersonate an environmentalist by putting everything its weight behind the One Trillion Trees initiative. The future president described it as “an ambitious effort to bring together government and the private sector to plant new trees in America and around the world.”

Unlike many Trump initiatives, this one has been well received on both sides of the aisle. A few months later, a bipartisan bill was introduced to “reduce carbon in the atmosphere by restoring and conserving forests, grasslands, wetlands and coastal habitats”.

The logic of the bill seems obvious: the planet is heating up because industrial civilization pumps greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Trees absorb one of these gases, carbon dioxide.

Such a “solution” to climate change may be attractive because of its simplicity. Unlike technologically intensive proposals, like geoengineering or building industrial carbon removal facilities that suck carbon dioxide out of the air, planting trees is a stylish solution. Unlike the above, it is not technologically or technically intensive.

Unfortunately, the solution to stopping climate change may not be so simple.

John Lotspeich is the Executive Director of Trillion Trees, an organization whose stated mission is “to end deforestation and restore tree cover.” Based on the title, you might think Trillion Trees thinks that planting a trillion trees alone could do the trick and solve the problem of climate change. Yet while having more trees will likely help, the problem of global warming is not that simple, even though Trillion Trees does aim to protect or restore a trillion trees on the planet here. 2050.

“Essentially, Trillion Trees’ mission is not just to prevent the destruction of our current forests, but to increase forest cover on the planet,” Lotspeich told Salon. He said Trillion Trees believes “it’s important to get as close to forests as possible in order to provide the benefits of what existed before, as much as possible.”

“As conservation organizations, we are concerned not only with the climatic benefits of forests, but also with equity around the communities that work and live in the forest, as well as the rich biodiversity they provide,” he added. He also noted that the genesis of the world vision around a “trillion trees” is generally taken from a 2019 article in the journal Science which proposed that the world’s ecosystems could support an additional 0.9 billion hectares. forest continues and would have the potential to store the equivalent of 25% of the current atmospheric carbon pool.

This speaks to a very important point about environmentalism – the need to recognize that even plans that could help correct global warming should not be reduced strictly to budgeting for carbon. Trees are essential to the health of our planet, improve the quality of our air, and are home to millions of species of plants and animals. No serious environmentalist would claim that we should not do more to conserve our forests.

Still, it’s important to be realistic about what the specific act of planting trees can accomplish in terms of global warming.

“The really important question to ask is how many trees can be grown to maturity,” Stanford University climatologist Chris Field told Salon via email. “Planting billions of seedlings is easy. Caring for these trees as they grow, weather droughts, insects, wildfires, and logging is much more difficult. He pointed out that trees can take decades or more to fully realize their ability to remove carbon from the atmosphere. Additionally, since trees’ ability to store carbon depends on the area covered by trees, it would take an absurd amount of land to plant enough trees to solve global warming.

“If we want annual growth to remove 1 billion tonnes of CO2, that requires a lot more land, probably in the order of 200 million acres, and removing 10 billion tonnes of CO2 a year would require growing plants. forests on something like 2 billion acres, ”Field claimed.

Anna Trugman, an assistant professor in the geography department at the University of California at Santa Barbara, tells Salon that trees can offset carbon dioxide emissions. Still, Trugman says there are a number of problems with relying solely on tree planting to combat climate change.

“First, the carbon fixed in biomass is not permanently sequestered,” explained Trugman, noting that trees release carbon into the atmosphere after they die and decompose. Trugman argued that climate change can also cause trees to unintentionally accelerate their carbon release, as global warming produces more droughts and wildfires. This is because increasing the amount of forests can actually have a net warming effect at higher latitudes “because trees greatly increase the amount of shortwave radiation absorbed by the sun and this counteracts the moderating effect. that trees have on CO2 “.

All of this helps explain why, as Lotspeich notes, Trillion Trees is not so much about planting a trillion trees as it is mixing tree planting with the conservation of existing forest areas.

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“Trillion Trees isn’t just about putting a trillion trees in the ground,” Lotspeich observed. “It’s about protecting what’s already there, preventing deforestation, and then adding where it’s possible in the best possible way.”

The best way to tackle climate change, says Trugman, is to focus on stopping new emissions.

“The cheapest and safest way to deal with climate change is to avoid emissions at the source through increased top-down government regulation,” Trugman told Salon. “The longer we delay substantial emissions regulations, the more difficult and costly mitigation and adaptation to climate change becomes.”

Indeed, as University of Utah associate biology professor William Anderegg told Salon via email, scientists aren’t sure whether all the carbon offsetting policy will work.

“The research is still not clear here because when you dig into it, the strategies that often look incredibly cheap on paper actually don’t work to offset carbon emissions,” Anderegg told Salon. “Carbon offsets have a long and heavy history and in the vast majority of studies that have examined them, they don’t seem to work particularly well for a multitude of reasons. They often don’t lead to further emission reductions beyond what would have happened anyway. “Like Trugman, Anderegg says,” It seems pretty clear that offsetting carbon emissions should play a fairly small role. in global climate policy and the vast majority of the fight against climate change must come from direct reductions in fossil fuel emissions ”.

And make no mistake, it is absolutely imperative for the future of the Earth that we reduce carbon emissions. If you imagine the planet as a human patient visiting a doctor, the prognosis is pretty gruesome. As Chris Field explained, it is as if “the planet is under attack every day by deforestation, air and water pollution and climate change. Earth’s basic systems for rejuvenation are mostly in good shape, but we need to stop the daily assaults for them to have a chance to operate.

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The future of blockchain. The future of Holochain | by Cloudthings | Sep 2021 https://futurekomp.net/the-future-of-blockchain-the-future-of-holochain-by-cloudthings-sep-2021/ https://futurekomp.net/the-future-of-blockchain-the-future-of-holochain-by-cloudthings-sep-2021/#respond Sat, 18 Sep 2021 07:03:57 +0000 https://futurekomp.net/the-future-of-blockchain-the-future-of-holochain-by-cloudthings-sep-2021/

I will end my Blockchain rant with a brief rundown of some of the top 20 coins / tokens and give a brief explanation of what I see to be in the future.

Bitcoin ~ The big daddy, is not going anywhere and will remain the king but is extremely overrated and the number one user of “scarcity” as a selling point. (FYI, there is no shortage, one Bitcoin broken down into Satoshis means there is enough for every human on earth to have 200,000. Rarity my ass.

Ethereum ~ Also very overvalued, moving on to proof of stake and still trying to make itself capable of doing things it was never intended to be like ladder. It’s just another old, slow technology that brought the ERC20 tokens to the masses.

Cardano ~ I will do a full article soon and review the comparison on this.

Peas ~ Another highly overvalued Digital Currency Group shitcoin.

XRP ripple ~ This one is probably the most overvalued of all, XRP does nothing for its holders, provides no income, and Ripple spends money at will as they have convinced thousands of its immanent adoption (did not not produced in 8 years, never). The same as attaching a blockchain to a cloud doesn’t improve either, it just means more transactions, XRP is the same with cross-border payments, you don’t need a coin or token for it, it’s a product created for a market that never existed.

Solana ~ I won’t go over it too much, they just had a big problem and had to reset it. It’s like Iota, it has a pause / reset button.

Uniswap ~ AWS dependent myth that has fooled thousands of people into believing it is a DEX or decentralized exchange, it runs entirely on AWS. You can’t be much more centralized than AWS. But like I said, in blockchain it’s not illegal to lie, mislead, or improperly label your product, just do what needs to be done to make sure the triangle idiot pays everyone.

BitcoinCash ~ The Shitcoin Fork which does what 90 percent of other coins do, sends from address to address, and pays miners. Another waste of space and free dollars for minors.

Internet Computer Defined~ LOL first I have to stop laughing, even when I type in the words Internet Computer, I think of that aspiring turtleneck who thinks he’s Steve Jobs. He even recently labeled the PKI “The World Computer”, it’s just another shitcoin using centralized commercial data hosting services, but in Dfinity they are called “independent data centers” which is a other way to lie to you by saying that we use commercial cloud and data centers, but our data providers use our network nervous system, it kind of avoids the truth about where the data is hosted. These guys surpass any other blockchain for lies, by a mile of country.

When you really think you’re brilliant and your idol is Steve Jobs LOL

Final words on blockchain

You’ve probably come to a reasonable assumption that I’m both jaded and offended by the existence of blockchain.

Let me be clear, even though this is a seedy industry that is very volatile and manipulated, that doesn’t mean that everyone who owns coins or tokens or works with or for blockchain is a bad person, that’s just not true.

There are a lot of great people in blockchain, but across the industry it’s dirty.

And when it comes to blockchains that attach to commercial data centers and cloud services for their nodes, for their stakes, etc., there is nothing wrong with that, nothing at all.

Unless you’re lying about it, that’s when things change. If I am the CEO of a blockchain company offering to run applications using my blockchain and my nodes are commercial and centralized, why not just say it, there is no harm in that because it is the only viable option at the moment?

Because then they don’t sell the myth anymore, they sell the truth and guess what?

Bullshit sells much better than the truth.

I will stop there. 🙂

Let’s talk holochain

Given my obvious thoughts on how lousy blockchain is and what I mentioned above, you probably would expect me to launch into a more sacred speech than you about the nobility and honesty of Holochain and on the fact that he has no flaws or challenges to face, you would be wrong to expect that.

First, I will mention the good, then the evil, then the unknown.

What I think Holochain has that a lot of blockchains don’t have is a lot of ethics, their management team is made up of smart people who worked on this long before Bitcoin first came around. on stage.

Eric and Art, the two founders of Holochain, are nice, honest and sympathetic people, as are the rest of the team that I briefly interacted with, including Mary and David.

You couldn’t ask for a more reputable and respected leadership group.

I’m not going to rewrite things that me and others have written a million times over what Holochain can do in relation to Blockchain, this has been done to death, although it is an ongoing thing as there are two things in the path of Holochain.

One is that it is quite complex, which is both an advantage and a disadvantage because explaining its potential and the areas where it can be used and where it can and will disrupt current technology also touches the field of blockchain. because cryptocurrencies can be created using Holochain with its intended function as an application framework and hosting company.

To give you a brief scale comparison, please see the article below from Art Brock.

If you want to learn more, visit the Holochain or Holo websites or check out some of my other articles.

In this article in particular, I want to focus on HOT and HoloFuel and the exchange and what I think that will mean for Holo and Holochain hosting itself, regardless of what the cryptocurrency markets are doing at the time, although this is still relevant.


HOT is the symbol for the Holo token which is currently an ERC20 token that can be traded 1: 1 (one for one if you have ratio issues) for a while, the last time I read was that this will be a guaranteed period of approximately 6 months.

If I have 50 HOT tokens, I will be able to exchange them for 50 units of HoloFuel until the end of the exchange period.

The only place to redeem HOT tokens is one of the Holo hosting reserve accounts.

This page leads to many explanations on the exchange and the dynamic offer.

After the designated trade-in period (this has yet to be announced at time of writing), there is a bit of uncertainty as to what will happen with HOT.

While that is all subject to change as that has yet to happen, I understand that HOT will remain unattached to HoloFuel as a cryptocurrency entry and exit point.


HoloFuel is the asset-backed currency (via hosting) to pay for Holo’s hosting services.

Holo Customers (Think about what I just said)

“Customers”/ ”Customers” / ”Public Paying” wow, in the blockchain world is WTF a customer? (I’m facetious here because the blockchain doesn’t have clients, it has holders or owners) it doesn’t know what income is because the end product is the coin or the token itself the person who buys the coins / tokens (the clown in the triangle) is the customer.

Anyway, back to where I was, Holo customers will be able to purchase accommodation through Holo Reserve accounts (translation: directly from Holo the company) and they will be able to do so using USD / EUR / GBP / and probably a few more from the major currency pairs.

It’s also likely that exchanges like Orion Protocol and Binance will also have BTC / HF ETH / HF pairs.

Having a customer base that is not a “crypto-er” is going to be unique to Holochain initially and it is also a very good idea to allow businesses to pay commercially and have receipts from a registered company for theirs. accommodation needs.

So, as you can see, HoloFuel will bring unencrypted people to the same hemisphere, but without forcing them to create exchange accounts and go through other detailed processes, which will all be part of the integration of the Holo accommodation.

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Quotes of the week | Robesonian https://futurekomp.net/quotes-of-the-week-robesonian/ https://futurekomp.net/quotes-of-the-week-robesonian/#respond Fri, 17 Sep 2021 22:16:00 +0000 https://futurekomp.net/quotes-of-the-week-robesonian/

Soon I’ll be speaking at a best friend’s funeral, and I already know it’s going to be one of the hardest things I’ve done in my life.

I say a best friend because we have several who occupy different phases in a person’s life. John Jeffrey Fish became my best friend in the fall of 1976, he remained so throughout my time at the University of North Carolina and has always been an important part of my life despite the miles that separated us.

As I write these lines, John is at the very end of a 13-year battle with brain cancer that has robbed him so much, a battle he fought with incredible courage and dignity. Not once in these 13 years have I heard John utter a single word of self-pity. I probably would have worn a T-shirt with “WHY ME?” emblazoned on its front.

We share so much – a love of UNC athletics, Atlanta Braves baseball, journalism, good times, and we have soared in the same circle of friends, many of whom are fellowship members. Pi Kappa Alpha. I am one of a legion of them who are heartbroken today. Everyone who knew John J. loved John J. – especially the women.

I met John in the fall of 1976 during Rush – for those who don’t know, that’s when the fraternities hold events to recruit new members – on the porch of House Pika. Her hair was jet black and it turned out to be more than a match for years of chemo. He was smiling mischievously, there was a glint in his eyes, he was leaning forward, and all his feeling was that he was ready to embark on a Great Adventure.

John was to become my little brother Pika, and the Great Adventure began immediately. The stories are endless, largely needing no embellishment. Most are not necessarily suitable for everyday life. Our shenanigans during our two years as roommates, however, were only a fraction of who John was then and who he would become.

I also remember a Friday in March 2008 when Pat Davis, John’s mother-in-law and the current First Lady of Lumberton, broke into my office at the Robesonian with tears running down and told me that John had a brain tumor. The next day, his skull would be cracked and a surgeon would remove the cancer he could.

Although John survived 13 more years and there were many more memories, brain cancer has robbed him of so much, including his job, his marriage, and the freedom to live his life as he pleases. John spent much of that time in a defensive posture, fearing that the cancer might start a fit or return.

In an interesting twist, John, a Boone boy, came to Lumberton in 1982 to work as a sports reporter for the Robesonian, recruited by Cliff Sharpe, a fraternity whose family owned the newspaper at the time. A year later, I was in Greensboro, four years out of college and pretty much rudderless, when John called me up and encouraged me to come to my hometown and try sports writing.

I spent 30 of the next 36 years at Robesonian, joined for a time by two other Pika brothers, Ward Clayton and Sammy Batten. It’s fair to say that John, despite only spending two years at Robesonian, had an influence on the newspaper for decades.

I don’t know if John saved my life, but he certainly gave it direction when there wasn’t. I will be eternally grateful for this gift.

Those old enough to have been readers of the newspaper in those days may remember the “I Fried Fish” t-shirts the newspaper handed out to anyone who could pick John at a high school football night.

John was really good at journalism and after his early days at Robesonian he spent time in York, PA; Augusta, Georgia; Topeka, Kansas; and Naples, Florida, mainly on the business side. John was at the forefront when it came to the internet and how it changed the newspaper industry. I remember him looking into the future and telling me what he saw, even though I didn’t understand most of the time. As an executive of the Augusta Chronicle, he had the foresight to purchase Masters related URLs that were ultimately needed at Augusta National and were purchased by the club.

John was a formidable athlete, southpaw and Watauga High quarterback at the time. But he sucked at golf and I remember when he was at The Chronicle he called him to say he was playing Augusta National the next day and what advice did I have.

“Don’t sweep the course by taking divots,” I said.

I was told it would burrow into every hole, often going along – not beyond – water hazards. There was no reliable information on the number of strokes played and golf balls lost beyond “a lot”.

I share all of this because there are many in this county who know John. It was there that he met his ex-wife, Juan. They had two children, Hannah and Addie, and although John was fortunate enough to meet his two grandchildren, Hunter and Garrett, he will be denied the pleasure of watching them grow up.

He is also survived by his parents, Barbara, and his spitting image John. Parents shouldn’t bury their children, and I promise both are okay.

John’s farewell gift is pending, when there will be a gathering of his friends, mostly the Pika brothers, at a service in Winston-Salem. It will be a chance to reconnect and celebrate John’s life, which was largely lived despite the scourge of cancer which robbed him of what should have been the best part.

It was an honor to be invited to speak at his memorial service. I can only hope that my words on that day will live up to the task.

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How to make comparing prices for an MRI or colonoscopy as easy as buying a new laptop https://futurekomp.net/how-to-make-comparing-prices-for-an-mri-or-colonoscopy-as-easy-as-buying-a-new-laptop/ https://futurekomp.net/how-to-make-comparing-prices-for-an-mri-or-colonoscopy-as-easy-as-buying-a-new-laptop/#respond Fri, 17 Sep 2021 13:09:36 +0000 https://futurekomp.net/how-to-make-comparing-prices-for-an-mri-or-colonoscopy-as-easy-as-buying-a-new-laptop/ (The Conversation is an independent, nonprofit source of information, analysis, and commentary from academic experts.)

Morgan Henderson, University of Maryland, County of Baltimore and Morgane Mouslim, University of Maryland, County of Baltimore

(THE CONVERSATION) Health researchers have long argued that the key to containing skyrocketing health care costs is to tackle the high prices of services, and one potential way to do this is to provide patients with transparency of healthcare. price.

That is, if people know how much a procedure such as a colonoscopy or MRI will cost, they are more likely to seek a better price, just as they are with a wide variety of consumer products. This could, in theory, increase competition among healthcare providers and lead to lower overall prices for everyone.

A new federal regulation that came into effect in January 2021 is supposed to do just that by requiring hospitals to post prices for all their services and procedures. But researchers, including us, have found that the vast majority of hospitals are not complying with the rule.

This prompted the Biden administration to crack down in July by increasing fines for non-compliance.

As health policy analysts, we agree that hospitals need to do more for the new regulations to be successful. But the regulations themselves need to be corrected if comparing the price of an appendectomy will ever be as easy as buying a computer.

Hospital prices are obscure

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How a Highland Park family designed the perfect dream home for fun https://futurekomp.net/how-a-highland-park-family-designed-the-perfect-dream-home-for-fun/ https://futurekomp.net/how-a-highland-park-family-designed-the-perfect-dream-home-for-fun/#respond Thu, 16 Sep 2021 16:10:58 +0000 https://futurekomp.net/how-a-highland-park-family-designed-the-perfect-dream-home-for-fun/

Like everything in fashion Dallasite is worth their the salt-rimmed margarita glass knows it, a trip to Highland Park Village can be an exciting experience, so expensive, venture out. But it was on one of the many morning walks for coffee in the famous shopping destination that Brandi and Pete Chilian found the ultimate object of their affection: their dream land. “We walked this block all the time,” recalls Brandi, who at the time lived a street down the road. “We said to our real estate agent, who is a good friend of ours, ‘If he ever hits the market, you have to tell us.’ “

About five years later, they got the call they expected. They quickly assembled a top-notch team to build their forever home: SHM Architects (“Literally every house we drove by and say, ‘We love this house’, we were looking for it, and it was SHM,” she said. said); builder Isler Homes, who had worked with the Chileans on a complete renovation of their old home; and designer Mary Beth Wagner, whom Brandi has considered a friend for over 20 years.

The formal living room is where guests tend to congregate, with plenty of seating options thanks to custom swivel chairs by the limestone fireplace and a pair of Bonacina “Eva” rattan chairs. The rug is Interior Resources, the sheen is ocher, and the scallop bowl is Blue Print.

The architectural plans started with the central bar – a choice inspired by the home of Brandi’s aunt and uncle, who are consummate hosts – and built from there. The ability to easily entertain themselves was paramount for the family, whose previous 1930s home had a closed layout that limited flow. After 11 years there, the family were also ready to change from their traditional vibe, swapping Shaker shingles for stucco and scrolling details for clean lines.

Other must-sees were the outdoor spaces for their two sons to enjoy, a master suite downstairs and a cozy atmosphere throughout. To accomplish the latter, Wagner chose more transitional furniture, fabrics and finishes than the contemporary exterior of the house suggests. The deep-rooted trust of the client-designer duo was essential, as much of the selections were made during the height of the pandemic, each in different states. “A lot of important decisions have been made about Zoom,” says Wagner.

Completed last November, the house ticks all the family boxes, with some spaces delighting them in ways they never expected. The formal living room has become, by design, the de facto entertainment space for adults. In addition to its proximity to the bar, practical seating, like a pair of custom swivel chairs, and cleanable performance fabrics make it a comfortable and natural place to gather. While the majority of the house is awash in soothing tones, Brandi loves the way Wagner has incorporated a richer palette into the children’s playroom. “She did such a good job mixing it up, and it’s so childish,” she says. She and her husband both love the ‘spa’ feel that Wagner has created in the master suite, while their ‘sport-obsessed’ sons (and their friends) enjoy the backyard, which includes a half – regulation size basketball court, putting green, and swimming pool. But Brandi’s favorite room in the house is also Wagner’s proudest: the breathtaking dining room. “I think this is my favorite wallpaper I’ve ever installed,” admits Wagner of Élitis wallcovering, which is matched, she says, only by Aux Abris in the bath wallpaper. powder: “It’s almost a tie.

The luxury master bathroom is flooded with natural light, through a wall of windows facing a private courtyard, with a Brown Jordan “Oscar” chair. The floating mirrors are personalized, the tiling is by Ann Sacks and the vase is by Benny Jack Antiques.

Nathan Schröder

These days, Wagner enjoys the fruits of her professional labor as a friend when she visits her longtime friend. And while mixing business and friendship could have been a tricky task, let alone the stress of building a house in the midst of a global pandemic, the couple agree the process couldn’t have gone any easier. Said Brandi, “We had so much fun.”

Accommodation with most

When most people think of “user-friendly” they think about an open floor plan. But there is more than happy accommodation that a good flow. Designer Mary Beth Wagner shares her essentials for a house ready for lodging and how it consider each when designing a space.

Breakfast room

Nathan Schröder


Nathan Schröder


Nathan Schröder

Butler’s Pantry

Nathan Schröder

  1. Many seats When designing formal or family meeting spaces, Wagner says to make sure there are multiple seating options available. “While sofas look great and serve a purpose, I think people are more comfortable and relaxed on chairs,” she says. “I like to add a lot of occasional chairs and stools so that everyone has a place.”
  2. A welcoming (and well stocked) bar A bar is a fun addition to any home, and not just for the obvious reasons. “This is one of my favorite design areas,” says Wagner, “because it allows you to bring in different textures and finishes that are somewhat different from the rest of the house. Wagner says if you have any barware and glassware worthy of display, be sure to create spaces for it.
  3. Indulgent materials If you’re cool with wear, Wagner says you can’t beat marble counters. But if you’re less into the weathered look or just worried about red wine spills from loud party guests, go for something more indulgent. “A quartzite is a great, beautiful and durable option,” she says.
  4. Preparation spaces There will inevitably be unsightly aspects to the reception: dirty dishes, empty bottles, etc. The places where you can keep them out of sight or cook a meal in private are crucial. “Pantry or prep kitchens should always be considered when drawing up plans,” says Wagner. “They get used to it more often and are another area to add unexpected design elements.”
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The most popular business, finance and pharmaceutical related occupations in Canada https://futurekomp.net/the-most-popular-business-finance-and-pharmaceutical-related-occupations-in-canada/ https://futurekomp.net/the-most-popular-business-finance-and-pharmaceutical-related-occupations-in-canada/#respond Wed, 15 Sep 2021 12:12:54 +0000 https://futurekomp.net/the-most-popular-business-finance-and-pharmaceutical-related-occupations-in-canada/

The “Business, Management and Finance” course is the most popular among students who choose to study at universities in Canada. Although students understand that this course is in high demand in the modern world, they do not fully understand what position they can apply for while working in the business sector. These days, graduates of most courses are expected to be proficient in programming languages. Even students of finance courses may need to be successful in this area and, therefore, be interested in homework help in Python, for example.

We have prepared for prospective students, as well as graduates of Canadian universities, information on positions they can apply for in Canada’s financial and business sector, with additional information on the average earnings of specialists. This information is taken from the online resource Canadian Business, which annually researches and publishes an overview of the most popular occupations in Canada, etc.

Financial administrator

Average hourly earnings: 8 82 992

Senior business manager

Average hourly earnings: 9 95 992

Real Estate and Financial Director –

Average hourly earnings: 8 82 285

Bank and credit manager

Average earnings per hour: 7 79 997

Business administration officer

Average hourly earnings: 7 74 194

Account Manager & Consultant

Average hourly earnings: 6 67 205

Business Services Manager

Average hourly earnings: 7 76 565

Financial Analyst

Average hourly earnings: 6 68 578

Personal financial planner

Average hourly earnings: 6 61 110

Financial Auditor & Accountant

Average hourly earnings: 6 60 320

International students can take training in business, management and finance at one of the colleges or universities of international universities.

The College Pharmacy Course in Canada (Ontario)

To work in the pharmaceutical industry, you don’t need to have a full university education. Canada offers a wide range of professional programs that are taught by colleges and provide a good knowledge base for work in industry, whether in management positions or in laboratories.

Before choosing a course in pharmacy, you should know which courses are in demand in this industry and what are the areas of training for this course.


The profession of pharmacist is quite diverse in the fields of application. These specialists are engaged in pharmacies, acting as sellers of drugs. But their task is not only to implement, but also to choose analogues, alternatives, etc. often pharmacists help determine which drug to choose. The second type of employment is strongly linked to scientific processes.

It means spending time in laboratories, research institutes, etc. Many university graduates go to companies for the production of drugs.

The work of pharmacists is interesting and dynamic. After all, these specialists create drugs and pills that often help save our lives. They are an integral part of the health system of any civilized country.


There are three main areas of training or specialization in “Pharmacy”:

* Pharmacy technician (pharmacist, apothecary). Specialists in this field are engaged in drug development and cooperate with pharmacists in the preparation and development of drugs, responsible for customer service. They are also in charge of managing pharmaceutical stocks.

* Pharmaceutical chemistry laboratory technology (chemist-pharmacist). In these programs, students learn the basics and aspects of pharmaceutical research, particularly product development, manufacturing, toxicology, testing, and more.

  • Pharmaceutical Quality Operations. These programs aim to manage the pharmaceutical industry and organize the work of pharmaceutical companies. In addition to research courses, this program focuses on the study of clinical research, development and production of pharmaceuticals. The curriculum for this area of ​​training also includes the study of legal standards and legal regulation of the industry.


Approximate salary for pharmaceutical specialists in Canada: from 30,000 CAD per hour.


Pharmacist-salesperson. He’s a pharmacy employee. Every day your job will be to communicate with people, answer their questions and select analogues of drugs that are similar in composition to the subjects prescribed by doctors. In addition, the pharmacist working in the pharmacy takes care of keeping records of the arrival and consumption of drugs. In some pharmacy outlets, these specialists prepare the drugs according to the prescription prescribed by the doctor. These specialists are also responsible for the proper storage of drugs. Many drugs require special conditions. The pharmacist-seller establishes reports and is responsible for restocking stocks. All drugs must be available in the required quantity.

Pharmacist-researcher. These specialists work in laboratories. They are engaged in extensive research on various diseases, processes, bacteria, etc. on the basis of scientific data, they create effective methods of combating diseases. The most urgent research these days is to find effective drugs against AIDS, Ebola and other dangerous incurable diseases. There are several levels of access and danger for laboratories. Only the most experienced and accurate employees are allowed to work with high risk viruses and on vaccines against them.

Pharmacist-distributor. He is an employee of pharmaceutical companies. It is the link between the manufacturer and the pharmacies. These employees visit doctors and pharmacy workers to advertise the drugs for which they are responsible. They also act as sales

Representatives – the face of companies and brands.

Pharmacist-an employee of the production process. Usually, these specialists work exclusively for pharmaceutical companies. They participate in the creation of drugs, calculate the dosages of components and the mixing process.


Depending on the program offered by the College, the requirements for applicants may vary. Therefore, it is essential to check the individual requirements of each academic institution and training program before submitting any documents.

In most cases of the diploma program, the highest diploma is required to provide a high school certificate in the province of Ontario or any other province of Canada. Abiturants must show a high score for Grade 12 in subjects such as English, Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology.

What should I watch out for for students who want to study in Canada for a course?



















This profession is suitable for people with a very rational mindset. After all, the pharmacist not only knows, he constantly encounters thin calculations of drug dosages. A well-developed memory is also a mandatory criterion. It helps to correctly select the necessary drug – an analogue of the prescribed remedy. Ingenuity. This aspect is crucial for laboratory personnel. They are producing new, more effective drugs. Communication is important for most pharmacists. After all, every day they have to deal with a lot of people.

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