Contactless Fingerprint Biometrics Takes Another Step Towards Widespread Adoption

Idemia and Telos have been named winners of NIST’s latest contactless fingerprint biometrics challenge, while Yoti has won government approval for a new market in the UK, in some of the most popular stories from the week on Biometric update. Executive insights also made headlines, including interviews with ID R&D, PayByFace, Integrated Biometrics and Sciometrics, and Princeton Identity.

Top biometric news of the week

Contactless fingerprint biometrics have advanced to the point of being ready for law enforcement applications, as shown by the latest NIST mFIT Challenge results, IB and Sciometrics executives say Biometric update. Their joint application scored the highest accuracy score, while Idemia and Telos scored the highest overall scores in Phase 2 for a smartphone-based mobile application that compares fingerprints against a database full of templates derived from contact-based scans.

Digital government services and benefit delivery have been in the headlines, with Jamaica striking a deal with the country’s financial institutions to pilot digital identity verification with the national identity card, as it attempts to getting more Covid aid to intended beneficiaries, while two levels of government in Pakistan are working alike to digitize benefit distribution. Bhutan launched its national digital ID system and the Philippines updated its growing number of registrations.

The digital stack that underpins the Philippines’ national digital ID system sets a good example for other countries developing their identity ecosystems, according to a World Bank blog post. Fundamental identification, digital payments and data governance systems together constitute the digital stack, the post explains, before listing the benefits that Filipinos receive from PhilSys.

Passwordless solutions continue to move towards popular acceptance, with Apple offering iPhone users the option of using facial or fingerprint biometrics instead, and LastPass launching an authentication tool to manage passwords. account credentials, with plans to add biometrics support. 1Password and Valmido have joined the FIDO Alliance, meanwhile, as reinforcements in the battle to end the use of passwords.

Airports are struggling to recover passenger volumes, so Vision-Box has introduced a self-service biometric kiosk, while an airport in Singapore is rolling out biometric devices from Idemia. Bangladesh is rolling out Veridos gates, Materna is powering biometric baggage drop for Spirit at LAX, and iProov finds that most people prefer to check in for their flights from home.

Police in Ireland could soon be legally permitted to use real-time facial recognition from public surveillance cameras, as well as forensic facial biometrics, if a planned amendment is passed this autumn. Civil society groups have pushed back, demanding a moratorium and criticizing the process of introducing change.

The digital identity service provided by partners Yoti and the UK Post has been approved by the government for online employment verification with biometrics, the first certified service for DBS schemes. Right to Work and similar programs follow the DCMS Digital Identity and Attribute Trust Framework.

Fingerprint Cards and its partner Feitian announce that they are increasing production of their combined biometric card technologies for payments and access control, which will be offered as a pre-laminated solution to manufacturers. The senor-maker also discussed its biometric access control ambitions with its partner Freevolt during the recent IFESEC 2022.

Document liveness detection is a new innovation discussed by ID R&D leaders in a sponsored article, which covers the threat the technology addresses, how it works, and the role it plays in securing the process of integration against a method of attack that has been used successfully by criminals. in nature.

PayByFace CEO and Founder Mike Draghici spoke with Biometric update on her company’s global expansion plans as she announces a major strategic investment from Indian fintech SafexPay. Draghici reveals PayByFace’s next development steps and a series of possible upcoming trials worldwide.

Heather Vescent’s column highlights Web3 and the topic of decentralized identity at this year’s EIC event. This includes Martin Kuppinger’s presentation on the fabric of identity, discussions on SSI, decentralized data storage, and technology ethics.

Princeton Identity CEO Bobby Varma spoke with Biometric update on the biometrics industry’s fight against common misconceptions and gender imbalances in the tech world, having recently been named the winner of the Women in Biometrics Award for 2022 by the SIA.

Precise Biometrics’ new CEO, Patrick Höijer, has taken the reins of the company, and he discusses the state of the market and how his journey has led him into a company blog post. Höijer’s past experience ranges from business journalism to technology CEO.

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