Coronation Street Spoilers (March 7-11)

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Next week on Coronation Streetit’s a turbulent time for Abi as she finds herself in danger twice.

Elsewhere, Gary faces a new crisis as Rick’s death is revisited, while Michael shocks his family by trying to bring Grace back to the cobbles.

Here is a complete collection of 14 great moments to come.

1. Abi misses her last chance with Kevin


Abi struggles with her grief when Seb’s birthday arrives. At the same time, Kevin returns from his vacation with Jack and tells Debbie that he is ready to make amends with Abi.

When Kevin returns home, he is horrified to find Abi and her dodgy friend Dean cozying up on the couch together while high on drugs and alcohol. It’s a step too far for Kevin, who tells Abi to pack up and leave.

2. Abi is abandoned when she needs it

abi webster, coronation street


Dean shows his true colors by stealing Kevin’s keys to the garage. He attempts to steal a customer’s car, but Abi catches him in the act and jumps into the vehicle to stop him.

Dean is too fast for Abi and runs off with her still inside the car. Things take a disturbing turn when Abi suddenly experiences excruciating pain.

Abi crouches by the side of the road when Dean lets her out. Rather than help, Dean speeds up and abandons Abi.

3. Tyrone accuses Abi

tyrone dobbs, coronation street


Abi returns to Number 13 after her medical emergency, but Debbie assumes she is drunk and warns her to get out by the end of the day.

Tyrone is worried when he discovers that one of the cars is missing from the garage. He spots Abi with a bag of booze and suggests she must have had something to do with it.

4. Abi faces another incident

dean turnbull, abi Webster, coronation street


Abi realizes the implications of Dean’s actions when Tyrone warns that the case is over if they don’t get the stolen car back.

Abi meets Dean in his prison, then tries to outsmart him by calling the police. Dean overhears his secret plan and it seems that Abi is in danger.

Later, when Toyah calls Abi’s phone, a paramedic answers and explains that she had an accident. What will Toyah find when he arrives at the hospital?

5. Abi’s downward spiral continues

abi webster, coronation street


Abi’s disastrous week continues when she is awakened one morning by the sound of police arriving at her front door.

After Abi talks to the officers, she decides to get some more medicine.

6. Adam needs to take a step back at work

adam barlow, coronation street


Adam struggles to convince Sarah and the police that Lydia accused him of supposedly trashing her apartment.

The lawyer’s misfortunes also continue to affect him at work, as a client decides to take his business elsewhere due to the damning online reviews that have been left about Adam’s conduct.

Adam later learns that he has been reported to the Solicitors Regulation Authority and could be disbarred in the worst case. He decides to leave the company as he focuses on clearing his name.

Taking advantage of every second of Adam’s troubles, Lydia tells him that she isn’t done with her destructive behavior yet.

7. Nick worries about Sam’s chess game

nick tilsley, coronation street


While Sam has struggled with Roy beating him so often at chess, the kind-hearted café owner arranges for him to face Brian as an easier opponent.

Just when things are looking up for Sam, a worried Nick discovers he’s fallen behind on his homework. Aware that Sam’s game of chess has become his priority, Nick forbids him for a moment to practice his hobby.

Nick later explains his reasoning to Gail, suggesting that Sam is using chess as a distraction from having to deal with his mother’s death.

8. Leanne goes against Nick’s wishes

nick tilsley, sam blakeman, leanne battersby and george shuttleworth in coronation street


When Leanne hears Brian praising Sam’s passion for chess, she decides the schoolboy shouldn’t have to give up something he loves.

Leanne lies to Nick claiming that Sam is going to a club after school. Nick is relieved that Sam is around kids his own age, but in reality, he’s back playing chess with Roy at the cafe.

9. Kelly struggles with her responsibilities

laura neelan, kelly neelan, coronation street


Kelly confides to Simon that she has trouble juggling between taking care of Laura, going to school and working at the barber. Simon suggests Kelly talk to Gary and Maria, but she is reluctant to do so.

Things get complicated for Kelly when Maria needs her to work more shifts than usual at the barbershops. Kelly doesn’t show up for one when Laura takes a fall, and Maria is furious because she doesn’t know why.

Simon intervenes by explaining everything to Gary and Maria, who later talk to Kelly about what’s going on.

10. Laura’s PI plan worries Gary

gary windass, coronation street


Laura informs Gary that she plans to hire a private detective to finally find Rick. She hopes to get her hands on her money to help secure Kelly’s future.

Gary thinks quickly as he offers to sort out a PI for Laura. He recruits Lenny, asking him to pretend to stalk Rick while secretly making no progress.

Laura unwittingly manages to thwart Gary’s plan by hiring her own IP. She tells him that Gary was the last person to see Rick alive, leaving Gary with some awkward questions to answer.

11. Emma hides a secret from Faye

emma brooker, jon spear, coronation street


Emma defies Faye’s wishes by continuing to date Ted’s grandson, Jon.

Emma enjoys hanging out with Jon at a hotel bar, but when he suggests they should go to the Rovers, she freaks out about being seen by Faye.

12. Daniel is uncomfortable covering for Max.

amy, daniel osbourne, coronation street


Daisy shows Amy that she ordered spike-proof lids for The Rovers, which can fit on top of drinks.

Amy is pleased with this positive change, but Daniel struggles with his secret knowledge that Max was responsible for Amy’s recent ordeal.

Later, Daniel tries to focus on his relationship with Daisy by suggesting that they should go on vacation together.

13. Nicky Returns

daisy, daniel, nicky, coronation street


Nicky returns to Weatherfield and approaches Daisy at The Rovers, asking after Daniel. Daisy feels threatened by Nicky and claims that Daniel has moved south.

Daisy then takes it a step further by deleting a voicemail from Nicky that is on Daniel’s phone.

The waitress’ deception is later revealed when Nicky crosses paths with Daniel at the local school, where she has just applied for a job as a teaching assistant.

Daniel “introduces” Nicky to Daisy when they meet for a drink at Rovers that night. Nicky drops Daisy there by exposing the lie about Daniel moving south.

14. Michael wants Grace back

james, aggie, michael, coronation street


Glory’s nursery asks Michael to bring a selection of family photos. This leads Michael to discover that Aggie has removed a photo of Grace from her bag.

Michael points out that Grace might come back one day and he still wants her to be a part of Glory’s life.

Michael vows to take matters into his own hands by finding out Grace’s whereabouts and inviting her to Glory’s birthday party. Aggie, Ed and James all secretly hope that Michael will not succeed in his mission.

Coronation Street launches a new program next week, airing Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8 p.m. on ITV.

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