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The United States will begin receiving foreign travelers by land and air from Monday, 20 months after closing its doors to deal with Covid-19. But they must be fully vaccinated to be able to enter.

All non-U.S. And non-immigrant travelers will be required to show proof of vaccination before airlines allow them to board flights to the United States.

Children under the age of 18, participants in clinical trials, people with certain contraindications to the vaccine and those in need of emergency or humanitarian travel, who will need to be certified by the US government, will be exempt, according to a protocol released by the US government in October. However, they will still have to be tested for Covid-19, with the exception of children under 2 years old.

Airlines have been tasked with enforcing the new trip. “We are taking an important step in operationalizing this new system for international air travel by releasing a series of documents that will help airlines and travelers prepare for November 8 and ensure a smooth transition towards the new system, ”a senior Biden administration official told reporters while previewing the settlement.

As reported by this newspaper earlier under the new protocol, airlines will require travelers to provide proof of vaccination issued by an official source – for example, a public health agency, a government agency – in the country where the vaccine was administered.

All travelers – U.S. citizens, non-citizens, immigrants and non-immigrants – will also be required to produce a negative test for Covid-19, taken within the last 24 hours from the date of travel.

Under the new protocol, airlines will only accept vaccines approved by the WHO. “Individuals can be considered fully vaccinated ≥ 2 weeks (more than two weeks) after receiving the last dose if they have received a single dose of a single dose series approved / authorized by the FDA or WHO EUL (Emergency Use List) (i.e., Janssen), or any two-dose combination of a two-dose series of Covid-19 approved / authorized by the FDA or WHO (that is to say mixture and pairing) ”, then declared the White House.

WHO recognizes 10 vaccines. One of them is the Serum Institute of India’s Covidshield, which is the widely administered Indian version of AstraZeneca’s vaccine that the United States has not approved but has pre-ordered millions of goats for their stock.


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