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One of the healthiest green vegetables to eat this time of year is spinach. Spinach is one of the healthiest green vegetables on your plate because it is rich in vitamins A, C and K as well as minerals like magnesium, iron and manganese. Did you know that spinach has the highest fiber content of all green vegetables? As we know, fiber is incredibly healthy for the heart and helps regulate digestion and bowel movements. Additionally, spinach is one of the best vegetables for building strong bones due to its high vitamin K content, while beta-carotene is great for the eyes. You should still try despite this. It’s time to make those gorgeous greens exciting for your little picky eater if Popeye, the Sailor Man, couldn’t get the word out.

These delicious suggestions will certainly seduce your children.

Spinach lasagna

The Italian cheese treat can be a healthy and nutritious vegetarian option for dinner or lunch. Take a few sheets of lasagna, layer them, then top with cheese and spinach. Put your vegetarian lasagna in the oven after having repeated the operation two or three times, according to your desire. Are you ready, vegetarian you wonder! Between the lasagne sheets, you can also spread spoonfuls of freshly mixed spinach paste (for a pesto taste, add a few basil leaves and garlic).

Spinach Momos

The delicious dumpling is popular all over the country. Consider taking advantage of the trend. All you need to make momos at home is dough, a steamer, and your ingredients of choice. Fill the rolled out momo dough with a mixture of finely chopped spinach and a little cheese. Mold them into momos, then steam them. Watch your kids devour the plate when it’s served hot with a chutney made with red peppers or ketchup.

spinach momos / pinterest.com

Palak Thepla

Palak ka Thepla, a crusty disc-shaped dessert popular in Gujarat, is frequently eaten with farsan (evening snack). Spread some flour very thinly after mixing it with spinach, ginger, chillies and herbs. Then cook it on all sides. Place thepla on the ladle. This crispy treat will be a hit with kids.

Spinach Pakoras

Even kids find it hard to resist the temptation of a plate of crispy, fried spinach fritters with a delicious chutney or sauce! You can bake them in the oven or use whole wheat flour in the batter to make the treat healthier. Monsoon and pakoras are a heavenly marriage, so why not use the

Electric vehicle drivers in Britain are seeing an increase in the cost of public charging https://futurekomp.net/electric-vehicle-drivers-in-britain-are-seeing-an-increase-in-the-cost-of-public-charging/ Tue, 27 Sep 2022 05:32:41 +0000 https://futurekomp.net/electric-vehicle-drivers-in-britain-are-seeing-an-increase-in-the-cost-of-public-charging/

The UK has plans to increase the number of electric vehicles on its roads over the next few years.

Cold Snowstorm | E+ | Getty Images

Drivers of electric cars in the UK have seen the cost of using a ‘fast’ public charger on a pay-per-view tariff rise by 42% since May, data showed on Monday.

Figures from RAC Charge Watch – part of RAC, an automotive organization – show it now costs drivers of electric vehicles using the above infrastructure an average of 63.29 pence (72 cents) per kilowatt hour to charge their vehicle.

Breaking down the numbers, the RAC said that meant 80 per cent fast charging of a “typical family electric car” using a 64kWh battery costing an average of £32.41 (around $34.87).

The RAC said the increase was due to “soaring wholesale gas and electricity costs”. He added that those using “super-fast” chargers also saw average charging costs jump by 25%.

Learn more about electric vehicles from CNBC Pro

The analysis also showed that ‘a driver exclusively using a fast or ultra-fast charger on the public network will now pay around 18p per mile for electricity,’ the RAC said.

“That compares to 19p per mile for a petrol [gasoline] car and 21p per mile for a diesel, based on someone driving at an average of 40 miles per gallon,” he continued.

Despite the above, the RAC noted that many EV users would mostly charge at home, where electricity is cheaper.

With the UK Government Energy Price Guarantee Due to come into force shortly, the price per kilometer of a mid-size electric vehicle would be around 9p for home charging, if driven reasonably efficiently. An 80 per cent home charge would cost £17.87, the RAC said.

“For those who have already switched to electric cars or are considering doing so, the fact remains that charging away from home is less expensive than refueling a petrol or diesel car, but these figures show that the gap is narrowing as a result of huge increases in the cost of electricity,” said Simon Williams, RAC spokesperson for electric vehicles.

“These figures show very clearly that it is the drivers who use public fast and ultra-fast charging stations the most who are the hardest hit,” he added.

Learn more about energy from CNBC Pro

The UK wants to end the sale of new diesel and petrol cars and vans by 2030. From 2035 it will require all new cars and vans to have zero exhaust emissions.

With more electric vehicles set to hit UK roads in coming years, the RAC is backing calls for a reduction in sales tax on electricity sold at public charging stations to correct what it sees as an imbalance between public and private charging.

“While the government Energy bill relief program announced last week should prevent charging costs from skyrocketing even more, the fact remains that drivers using public charging stations are unfairly paying 20% ​​VAT [sales tax] for the electricity they buy, compared to home charging where it’s only 5%,” he said, adding that he supported a campaign for a 5% rate for public charging. and private.

In a statement sent to CNBC, a government spokesperson said electric vehicles continue to “offer opportunities for savings over their gasoline and diesel counterparts with lower overall running costs thanks to cheaper charging. , lower maintenance costs and tax incentives”.

“We want consumers to have the confidence to switch to cleaner, zero-emission cars, and that’s why we continue to support the growth of our world-leading charging network and have pledged 1.6 billion pounds sterling since 2020 to provide charging stations across the country,” the spokesperson added.

As European economies face an energy crisis and soaring prices over the next few months, some fear the rising cost of charging an electric vehicle could discourage consumer adoption.

Speaking to CNBC earlier this month, Saxo Bank’s head of equity strategy said “the cost advantage of electric vehicles over a gasoline-powered car is ‘decreasing rapidly’ in Europe.

“I really wonder how much of an impact this will start to have on electric vehicle sales,” said Peter Garnry.

Ukrainian President Zelensky shocked by Israel’s inability to provide military support https://futurekomp.net/ukrainian-president-zelensky-shocked-by-israels-inability-to-provide-military-support/ Sun, 25 Sep 2022 13:13:30 +0000 https://futurekomp.net/ukrainian-president-zelensky-shocked-by-israels-inability-to-provide-military-support/

Volodymyr Zelensky, the president of Ukraine, said he was “shocked” by Israel’s refusal to provide Kyiv with anti-missile systems to help repel Russian strikes, according to an interview released Saturday.

Since the start of the fight in February, Zelenskyy has been asking for the weapons. He referred to Israel’s Iron Dome system, which is frequently used to block rockets fired from Gaza by Palestinian militants.

In an interview with French reporters on Wednesday, Zelensky made the comments, while a recording of the interview was made available by his office on Saturday.

“I don’t know what happened to Israel. I’m honestly, frankly – I’m in shock, because I don’t understand why they couldn’t give us air defenses,” he said.

Also Read:Ukrainian President Zelensky says about 3,000 Ukrainian soldiers have been killed

His comments were stronger than those he made in March when he berated Israel for its reluctance to send weapons. At the time, Israel was evasive, saying it would help Ukraine as much as it could.

Israel, which has condemned the Russian invasion, is wary of strained ties with Moscow, a power player in neighboring Syria where Israeli forces frequently attack pro-Iranian militias.

“I understand – they have a difficult situation, regarding the situation with Syria and Russia,” Zelensky said, adding that he was not making accusations.

“I state the facts. My conversations with Israeli leaders have done nothing to help Ukraine.

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Fishing in troubled waters https://futurekomp.net/fishing-in-troubled-waters/ Sun, 25 Sep 2022 04:38:42 +0000 https://futurekomp.net/fishing-in-troubled-waters/

The Union Government’s draft guidelines on deep sea fishing have sparked unrest among fishing communities along the coast of Tamil Nadu and Kerala. According to the fishermen, who mostly practice traditional fishing methods, this bill aims to corporatize the fishing sector. This will take them away from the high seas and eventually force them out of their occupation.

According to the bill, all vessels flying the Indian flag will need a permit to fish on the high seas and vessels over 25 meters in length will be fined Rs 5 lakh. The draft policy also specifies that the permitting process would be centralized. This, fishermen say, is a cause for concern as not all fishermen can travel to Delhi just to get a licence. They also say that the whole bill seems to favor businesses more than fishers.

The All India Deep Sea Fishers Association has written a letter to the Union government stating that the provisions of the draft policy should be reviewed and the fees reduced. The bill also aims to put in place a fishing limit, up to a value of Rs 12,000 per day. Fishermen see these problems as a threat to their future.

One of the main problems facing traditional fishermen is the depletion of fresh water due to heavy industrial activity along the coasts. According to Vareethiah Konstantine, a writer and ecologist from Kanyakumari who has studied coastal ecosystems, “due to the operation of corporate sectors and their encroachment along the coastline, the quantity and quality of fishing in coastal waters drops to a fast pace.

“Coastal waters do not receive the same volume of fresh water each year as they received in the past. Heavy pollution due to the clustering of industries along the coast and the mixing of fresh water with the sea contributes to a faster decline in fishing This is a serious problem.

“One of the reasons fishermen are protesting the bill so strongly is that what they had before in coastal waters is running out, so naturally they are forced to go deeper and deeper. When you try to prevent them from going to the high seas, they have no future.

“Coastal waters need to be protected and some sort of regulation of coastal waters and fishing needs to be framed. But the government is doing the opposite.”

Konstantine also said the problem actually dates back to the 1980s, when foreign vessels were allowed by the Union government to fish in Indian waters. “They couldn’t monitor where they were actually fishing and what kind of fishing methods were being adopted and how much they were harvesting.

“There have been some attempts by the government to create a system to monitor the movement of these vessels in Indian waters. The joint venture scheme was to allow Indian fishermen to be trained in the use of foreign vessels.

“The Union government didn’t ask for any share or division of the profits from these vessels, but in return they wanted the foreign vessel users to train our fishermen. That didn’t happen. Then some kind of Tracking system to monitor the movement of foreign vessels in Indian waters has been devised, but this mechanism has not worked either.

“Now the fishermen are angry because a government that didn’t even care about illegal fishing by foreign vessels is placing many restrictions on native fishermen, who use native fishing vessels.”

He added, “We need to look at it in relation to other issues such as land rights, agricultural land and hill tribe rights. All are subject to the same kind of treatment from the government. This trend is not healthy. It’s time for fishermen or farmers to stop fighting alone, it’s time for them to come together, because their problem is the same.

“You see reports of roads being built along the coast and international transshipment terminals. There are struggles all along the coast of the country. People understand that they have no future when they are pulled from the coast and the government is doing everything to remove them from their traditional way of life with their draconian legal instruments.This is an alarm for all the working classes.

Hope for Farmers and Fishermen | Philstar.com https://futurekomp.net/hope-for-farmers-and-fishermen-philstar-com/ Sat, 24 Sep 2022 16:00:00 +0000 https://futurekomp.net/hope-for-farmers-and-fishermen-philstar-com/

Last July, a bill became law, giving hope to the country’s farmers and fishers as well as the Philippines’ attempt to achieve food self-sufficiency.

Republic Act 11901, or the Strengthening Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development Finance Act of 2022, repealed RA 10000 or the Agricultural Credit Reform Act of 2009, and institutionalized a framework that aims to better meet the financing needs of farmers, fishers and agricultural micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs).

Among the activities that can be financed under the new law are agricultural mechanization, agrotourism, entrepreneurial activities, green projects, digitalization of agriculture, fisheries and agro-industry, land acquisition under the Agrarian Reform Code, post-harvest activities such as processing, storage, marketing, distribution and logistics, and even public rural infrastructure and programs that promote health and well-being. to be farmers and fishermen.

Funding will be available to beneficiaries in rural communities, cooperatives, associations, MSMEs or organizations in good standing, regardless of their capitalization. Recipients will be assessed based on project feasibility, estimated production, and ability to pay, among other criteria.

Finance Secretary Benjamin Diokno said RA 11901 expands the role of the banking sector and facilitates its compliance with agri-agra requirements, enabling banks to further support the entire agribusiness value chain .

All banking institutions, whether public or private, with the exception of newly created banks, must provide a credit quota or a mandatory minimum requirement for financing agriculture and fisheries of at least 25% of their total loanable funds.

To improve bank compliance, the new law provides banks with alternative ways to meet the credit quota and removes the distinction between 10% land reform and 15% agricultural credit to provide them with greater flexibility.

The old law under RA 10000 required all government and private banking institutions to allocate at least 25% of their total loanable funds to agriculture and land reform beneficiaries (ARBs), of which 15% must be allocated to the agricultural sector and the remaining 10%. to ARBs.

A report by the Department of Congressional Policy and Budget Research noted that, compared to other sectors of the economy, the agricultural sector received a lower share of total loans from the Philippine banking system and that in In fact, the agricultural sector’s share of total production loans outstanding by the Philippine banking system has been declining over the years.

He noted that in 2020, agricultural loans amounted to 255.4 billion pesos, a decrease of 5.1% compared to 269.2 billion pesos in 2019. As a result, the share of the sector in total loans outstanding fell to 3%, compared to 3.1% in 2019. 2019.

Of the 20 economic activities, the agricultural sector received the 9th highest share of total loans at the end of 2020. Real estate activities received the highest credit with over 2 trillion pesos, about eight times credit to the agricultural sector. Three sectors received credits of more than 1,000 billion pesos each: wholesale and retail trade, repair of motor vehicles, motorcycles; supply of electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning; and manufacturing.

The report highlights that since the implementation of the Agri-Agra Act in 2012, the banking sector has provided loans totaling P713.6 billion, of which P642.4 billion or 90.0% went to the agricultural sector. and P71.2 billion or 10 percent went to the agrarian sector.

He said that in terms of compliance with the 15% lending requirement for agriculture, the overall compliance of Philippine banks (universal commercial banks, savings banks and rural banks and cooperatives) has only been met. during the first three years of the implementation of the law: 21.7% in 2012, 15.6% in 2013 and 15.2% in 2014.

Beginning in 2015, Philippine banks were sub-compliant and the share of lending to the agricultural sector in total loanable funds generated steadily declined to 9% by end-December 2020, he added.

On the other hand, total lending by Philippine banks to ARBs has never reached the required lending rate of 10% of total loanable funds generated. The report found that the highest compliance rate achieved was 2.1% in 2012 during the first year of implementation. At the end of 2020, the compliance rate was just under 1%.

The report points out that the Universal and Commercial Banks (UKB) were able to meet the lending obligation to the agricultural sector until June 2015 only. Since then, loans to the sector have started to gradually decrease to stand at 9% in December 2020, amounting to 608.9 billion pesos. On the other hand, non-compliance by savings banks with the obligation to lend to the agricultural sector started as early as the second year of implementation of the law, when a compliance rate of 13.4% was was reported in June 2013. At the end of 2020, the savings banks’ compliance rate was recorded at 6.4%, amounting to 18.1 billion pesos in loans to the agricultural sector.

Meanwhile, in terms of lending to ARBs, UKBs and savings banks have never met the 10% lending requirement, according to the report. The highest compliance rate reported by UKBs and savings banks was 2.6% in March 2012 and 6.5% in September 2012, respectively. UKB compliance began to fall below 1% in 2013, where it fell to 0.6%. For savings banks, lending to ARBs, which also declined, fell below 1% in June 2019. The UKB and savings bank rate was 0.9%, rising to 59 .4 billion pesos and 2.7 billion pesos, respectively.

Diokno said banks are struggling to meet the requirement imposed by the Agri Agra Act, citing factors such as difficulty on the part of borrowers in obtaining land reform credit; limited availability of agri-agra compliant debt securities; and the lack of visible bankable agricultural projects, for the low compliance rate.

The report noted that one of the main issues regarding agricultural loans is the difficulty for farmers, fishers and ARBs to meet the eligibility requirements as well as the documentary requirements of banks, as well as the risk profile inherently high in the agricultural sector.

Farmers and fishermen have mainly relied on the informal sector to meet their financing needs. Unfortunately, while informal lenders waive the strict requirements imposed by banks, informal lenders charge very high interest rates. It is no wonder that our farmers and fishers consistently show the highest incidence of poverty among the basic sectors.

For comments, send an email to [email protected]

Kamla Bhasin believed in the power of love, not the love of power https://futurekomp.net/kamla-bhasin-believed-in-the-power-of-love-not-the-love-of-power/ Sat, 24 Sep 2022 15:00:00 +0000 https://futurekomp.net/kamla-bhasin-believed-in-the-power-of-love-not-the-love-of-power/ Feminist activist Kamla Bhasin (1946-2021) posing in front of her favorite electric car. Photo: Collected A year ago today, a mentor, guide, sister and …]]>

Feminist activist Kamla Bhasin (1946-2021) posing in front of her favorite electric car. Photo: Collected


Feminist activist Kamla Bhasin (1946-2021) posing in front of her favorite electric car. Photo: Collected

A year ago today, a mentor, guide, sister and friend – not just to me, but to thousands of South Asians around the world – left the world behind, leaving behind a gaping hole in our hearts and in the feminist movements of the region. Kamla Bhasin, a prominent feminist, gender trainer, writer and poet, was born in Punjab (now Pakistan) and raised in India, but has always rejected narrow definitions of citizenship and identified as a South -Asian. She always said, “We want peace in South Asia, not pieces of South Asia. And truly, she belonged to all of us – she was loved, admired and respected across the region, helping to support feminist movements in each of our countries, but most importantly, bringing us all together under a common platform to fight patriarchy, capitalism and chauvinism.

I met this amazing person 35 years ago, and perhaps it would be appropriate to mention that his friendship, guidance and love changed me for the better. And it’s not just my personal experience, but that of countless others who have had the good fortune to call her their friend and mentor. She left an indelible mark on those she trained or worked with – she planted the seeds of activism in those who were not previously exposed to feminist thoughts and galvanized those already working on issues of women’s rights to fight harder against patriarchy and violence against women.

I first worked with this larger than life personality in 1996. Proshika, one of the largest national NGOs at the time, invited her to facilitate a series of gender training sessions for their senior managers, mainly male staff members. Kamla Bhasin had long understood that it was essential to engage men in the process of transformation. During the sessions, she didn’t need PowerPoint presentations, different training methods or pen or paper – she spoke with conviction, provided examples from our daily lives and found ways to engage with each participating, making us laugh, cry and sing along the way. . She moved us all and made us confront our own prejudices and hypocrisies, in that characteristic way that only Kamla could.

In April 1998, Kamla designed and facilitated a workshop in Koitta, Bangladesh, where SANGAT – which stood for South Asian Network of Gender Activists and Trainers and later became The South Asian Feminist Network – was first organized, in the aim of bringing together experienced and aspiring women activists and scholars from South Asia to learn from each other and advance the feminist movement in the region. Each year, Kamla helped design and facilitate a month-long gender course, which is now well known as the most comprehensive and compelling feminist training in the region.

While the theoretical discussions led by notable activists and scholars from the region broadened our minds, the music, dancing and laughter during and after the sessions broadened our hearts and solidified our brotherhood and solidarity. Anyone who attended these trainings would testify to how their lives have changed forever because of it. SANGAT, under Kamla’s leadership, has been instrumental in connecting fragmented movements for peace, justice and gender equality in South Asia. Kamla could have been the executive director of a large NGO or donor agency, or a bureaucrat, but she never wanted those positions. Leaving behind a successful career in the UN, she has dedicated her life to inspiring thousands of human rights activists, trainers and friends across South Asia so that we can work together, in putting aside our differences, to create another world. And she believed that another world was possible. She didn’t believe in hierarchy; love was at the center of his life and his teachings. She truly believed in the power of love over the love of power.

When she traveled to Bangladesh, she refused to stay in fancy hotels. She stayed with us or with Khushi (Kabir) Apa. She was an extremely organized person and enjoyed meticulously ironing her clothes herself. She loved Bangladeshi cuisine, especially aloo bhortachicken curry and dal. She was a brand ambassador gamcha, and from time to time she asked to be taken to Elephant Road to buy her favorite white tableware from Shinepukur or white handkerchiefs from Gausia. Kamla, who was also an actress, would thrill us all with her endless supply of “Sardarji” jokes. She taught herself to speak Bangla on her own and insisted on speaking it when she was in the country. She loved Tagore’s songs and joined in whenever we sang.

Kamla was a multi-talented personality. She has written several booklets in plain English so that development practitioners from different backgrounds can read them easily and understand complex concepts. Her children’s books challenge gender stereotypes and offer new ways to explore and see the world. She created powerful slogans and legendary songs. She was the spirit behind the message, she was the heart of every training she provided. She spoke the truth, she had the courage to point out what was wrong and the commitment to work for gender equality, justice and the empowerment of women. He was an amazing person with contagious energy, doing yoga, organizing trainings, writing poems and songs, running around the world with his message of love and solidarity, and supporting small NGOs and groups led by women.

I miss you Kamla Bhasin, and I feel like there aren’t enough people born in this world like you. You were a beacon in this sea of ​​injustice. You will remain in our hearts and minds wherever you are. As Tagore, whom you admired, said, “Let your life dance lightly on the edges of time like dew on the tip of a leaf.”

Fawzia Khondker is a women’s rights activist and core member of Sangat Bangladesh.

Temtem Update 1.0.1 Release Notes: Tamer Pass Changes, Economic Balances, Bug Fixes, and More https://futurekomp.net/temtem-update-1-0-1-release-notes-tamer-pass-changes-economic-balances-bug-fixes-and-more/ Fri, 23 Sep 2022 09:17:55 +0000 https://futurekomp.net/temtem-update-1-0-1-release-notes-tamer-pass-changes-economic-balances-bug-fixes-and-more/ Surav Banik

Published: 2022-09-23T09:04:58

Updated: 2022-09-23T09:05:19

Temtem patch update 1.0.1 has been released and it brings a ton of changes to the game. Here is an overview of everything included in the new Temtem patch.

With patch 1.0.1, Crema has introduced several improvements to its game, starting with the Tamer Pass experience, bug fixes and much more. When you enter the game after updating to the latest version, you will notice that your pass has increased in level.

Apart from that, the in-game economy has also been balanced. Feathers will play a much bigger role as they will help with trading several other items in the game. The patch also focused on fixing several issues spread across all platforms the game is available for.

That said, here is the full list of changes in Temtem update 1.0.1 from the official patch notes.



  • We are making a set of improvements to Tamer Pass experience gain:
    • Battles against Tamer NPCs will now award Tamer Pass experience. This experience has been retroactively added to all your passes.
      • While weekly challenges and endgame activities, unlocked after completing the story campaign, will always be the easiest and primary form of progressing through the Tamer Pass, it was a mistake to let people progress through countryside.
      • With this change, completing the campaign and all side quests will give you around 15 Tamer Pass levels.
      • This new way of gaining experience will stop being granted at level 20 and above of the Tamer Pass, in order to prevent (or avoid forcing) players to constantly reset their accounts to mine that XP.
    • All forms of Tamer Pass experience gain now give 70% more experience, including weekly challenges. This experience has also been retroactively added to all your passes.
      • While some of the most dedicated players have already reached level 60 on the Pass, we wanted to improve the overall sense of progression on the Tamer Pass for the regular or more casual user.
      • Our goal is to make completing the Tamer Pass rewarding and achievable for the majority of users by dedicating a few hours to it during the week.
      • We will always keep an eye on the progress to see if any further changes are needed. We’ll also be doing some backend work so it’s easier in the future to change these values ​​on the fly, without needing a new patch.
  • We fixed an issue on the recently added new Tempedia icons that offer information about OT and Captured, Regular, and Luma Tems.
    • Some of you may have noticed that the icons aren’t always accurate or consistent with what you’ve tamed in the past. Missing pre-evolutions, or anything that wasn’t in the box at the time of the update. We’ve fixed all of this and you should now see everything you’ve tamed since Arbury launched, when we started tracking this data.



  • Telomere Trait Swaps can now be sold for Feathers: Telomere Hack – Trait Swap for 30 Feathers, and Telomere Hotfix – Trait Swap for 100 Feathers.
  • Evershifting Tower now gives 50% more feathers.
    • After reviewing our analytics, the feathers one could get from playing the Evershifting Tower was low relative to the time invested. Although we think the Evershifting tower has a very steep learning curve and better races will be achieved in the future, the Feather reward was still far from what we wanted it to be, so we increased it .
    • The GritArena will receive a similar feather increase in the next patch.
  • TemSafari now gives less feathers. As this is a formula and not a fixed number, we cannot give you an exact percentage.
    • Unlike the Evershifting Tower, analytics showed that the feather payoff was high for the time investment, and higher than the rest of the activities and far from what we wanted it to be.


All Platforms

  • Fixed a hang when interacting with an invisible NPC at Evershifting Tower.
  • Fixed inability to progress in the Rebuild the Bridges quest. Note: If you have already started Naolin’s quest for Tamer’s Paradise, you will not be able to complete rebuilding the bridges. This will be fixed in the next patch.
  • Fixed soft freeze in the Archtamers cutscene while in a co-op game where one player had completed the Archtamers challenge and the other had not.
  • Fixed getting stuck after fighting two NPCs at Xolot Reservoir.
  • Fixed the amount of Tamer’s Paradise Tokens not updating on the client side after completing an activity.
  • Fixed a delivery quest that could not be completed (Exhausted Refugee in Tucma).
  • Fixed inability to deliver Postal Delivery to Local Scholar in Zadar.
  • Fixed being able to put furniture from Early Access Crystal Skates into the client-side vault and not being able to use the vault after that.
  • Fixed an initial Evershifting Tower room that had no exit door.
  • Fixed inability to properly scroll the bag after opening an item folder.
  • Fixed the speed arrow not being displayed on the battle log when fighting against NPCs.
  • Fixed Temtem in the TemDeck being placed in the wrong position if a Tamer moved them between boxes at the start of a ranked match.
  • Fixed displaying all gender pronouns simultaneously in the description of Twitch Drops items.
  • Fixed showing a transformed Mimit in the middle of the combat area if a ranked match started at the exact moment a Tamer was in a wild encounter and their Mimit was in the middle of a transformation.
  • Fixed Rainbow and Bitone Dyes not displaying correctly when applied to the last Dye spot of a Cosmetic Set.
  • Fixed emote images not loading correctly if the player quickly opened and closed the emote wheel.
  • Fixed “Arbury The Alma Matter” text in the Pansun.
  • Fixed Temcard Seal preview background. It now shows a competitive battle zone.
  • Fixed the Battle Intro animation preview reoccurring twice when entering the Customization/Competition menu.
  • Fixed drum emote preview without animation.
  • Fixed cosmetic preview becoming darker after previewing certain mounts.
  • Fixed Spanish gender pronouns not applying correctly when initiating dialogue with Yiota on Prasine Coast.
  • Fixed gears do not appear translated into Spanish.
  • Fixed the dye descriptions at the Trade House.

Switch, PS5, Xbox

  • Fixed gamepad shaking when going from jump or ground to water (and vice versa) while using a flying mount.
  • Fixed collision of a lootable item that remains even after picking it up from Properton Sewers.

PS5, Xbox

  • Fixed staying inside Dojo Park after reaching 0 encounters.
  • Fixed being able to skip NPC battles in the Evolving Tower by logging out and back in when the NPC engages the player.
  • Fixed players being able to change the SVs, TVs, and Techs of Temtem included in a locked Battlebox during a Tournament/Dojo War.
  • Fixed that stickers could be stored in the Vault.
  • Fixed bag items remaining highlighted after being selected but not used.
  • Fixed Temessence vial remaining highlighted in the bag when selecting it and quickly moving the cursor to another item.
  • Fixed selecting the Flask of Temessence in the bag with keyboard or gamepad to cause focus to jump to the first item in the list for a few frames.
  • Fixed French Premium Shop layout when there were not enough funds to purchase an item
  • Fixed an error when trying to open the bag during the first encounter with Max.
  • Fixed an error when using an item from the bag twice on a squad Temtem.
  • Fixed losing focus after selling an item at the store.
  • Fixed scrolling when switching between sections of the housing inventory menu.
  • Fixed Stowaway running instead of walking in some cutscenes in Arbury. He ran so the player could walk.
  • Fixed housing item previews in the Edit House menu.
  • Fixed some title previews showing all three gender pronouns instead of the player’s chosen one.
  • Fixed flying mounts leaving ripples when moving over water.
  • Fixed the VFX of the best TMR Tamer holograms in Tamer’s Paradise.
  • Fixed VFX particles of some mounts.
  • Fixed Umishi and Ukama 3D models suddenly becoming plump in the Gear/Seal gear menu.
  • Fixed player bag physics when dismounting from a mount that hid the bag.
  • Fixed a few holes in the scenery around various locations in the game.
  • Fixed some scenery shattering in water reflections in Briçal del Mar.
  • Fixed missing collision at Lochburg Temporium.
  • Fixed default text when activating and deactivating bag items.

To change

  • Fixed a black screen and after lock that could occur during the evolution scene.
  • Fixed a black screen that could occur when doing Radar on Switch.


  • Fixed a shadow not displaying correctly on the second floor of the Accademia.


  • Fixed inability to obtain the Idol of Shuine during the Free Matthew quest.
  • Fixed the radar chain breaking if playing the TemSafari and Evershifting Tower activities.
  • Fixed being able to gain Tamer experience beyond level 60.
  • Fixed Premium Store prices appearing as zero when the player receives a discount from the Lair Bonus Store.
  • Fixed gender pronouns not being applied when talking with the Evershifting Tower Guardian NPC in Tamer’s Paradise.
  • Fixed that the data processing message is still displayed after the initial load.
  • Fixed that a Temtem equipped with a DNA Strand could be swapped without unequipping it.
  • Fixed incorrect main quest markers during the Omninesia portion of the Main Quest.
  • Fixed spectator ranked matches counting towards completing the weekly challenge “Defeat the enemy Temtem in the ranking”.
  • Fixed that players could receive trade requests from other players during the Evershifting Tower activity.
  • Fixed Trade House advanced filter not working properly if the dropdown is open when the player opens the Trade House UI.
  • Fixed the captured Mimit now transforming in the next battle in the Evershifting Tower.
  • Fixed One-Eyed Matthew’s battle intro in Nanga still showing in English even if another language is selected.


  • Tamer ID and the Temtem version have been blacked out on screen, including battles. You can still see it on your Tamer card, accessible from the character section of the menu.

So, there you have it, that’s all included in the Temtem 1.0.1 patch notes.

Microvast and FedEx Begin Recruiting and Close to Finish Line in Montgomery County https://futurekomp.net/microvast-and-fedex-begin-recruiting-and-close-to-finish-line-in-montgomery-county/ Thu, 22 Sep 2022 19:48:00 +0000 https://futurekomp.net/microvast-and-fedex-begin-recruiting-and-close-to-finish-line-in-montgomery-county/

CLARKSVILLE, TN (NOW CLARKSVILLE) – Major new industry recruiting is in full swing in Clarksville, although some projects have had their timelines extended due to the pandemic.

Montgomery County is preparing to welcome a new FedEx distribution center, with about 250 jobs, and electric vehicle battery maker Microvast, with about 300 jobs. Additionally, Amazon recently shared an update on its new Amazon Fulfillment Center.

Crews continue construction of the FedEx distribution center on September 22, 2022 (Jake Foster)

FedEx Recruitment in Progress

Montgomery County officials shared details with Clarksville Now about the new FedEx distribution center, located in the North Industrial Park behind LG’s home appliance manufacturing plant.

The new FedEx facility creates approximately 250 new jobs and will also work with other companies for package pickup and delivery.

Michelle Hueffmeier, spokeswoman for the Clarksville-Montgomery County Economic Development Board, said the leadership positions are now filled.

The new fulfillment center will see strong hiring pressure to support the holiday season and temporary facilities will be put in place to support the effort, she said.

“Executives said they expect to have very few hiring issues because nearly half of Nashville FedEx’s staff reside in Clarksville, and they expect many to abandon their commute to work on the new Clarksville location,” Hueffmeier said.

Construction of the facility is still ongoing.

Microvast moves into a brake factory

Microvast is an American global company specializing in the manufacture of fast-charging lithium-ion batteries for commercial electric vehicles. They have been in business since 2006 and are a fully integrated company, dealing with everything from chemistry, electrodes and modules to creating complete batteries.

The company purchased a braking systems plant from Bosch Braking Systems Corp. in 2021, with plans to convert the facility into a battery manufacturing plant. Since the initial purchase, the building, located at 780 International Boulevard, has begun undergoing modifications to accommodate the new battery plant.

Entrance of the Microvast truck on September 22, 2022. (Jake Foster)

Over the past few months, the Microvast team has been working on a cleanup of the existing plant, according to William Muir, Microvast’s senior operations manager.

“There has therefore been an enormous amount of cleaning work on the existing installation. Quite simply, the manufacture of the brakes is quite dirty and the manufacture of the batteries is extremely clean. We have therefore carried out a very detailed and thorough cleaning of the existing plant and are now in the reconstruction and new construction phase.

To do things well

Muir noted that the team spent a lot of time on designs and hiring the right people, citing the need to mitigate environmental concerns. He told Clarksville Now that Microvast has strong relationships with Montgomery County, the State of Tennessee and regulatory authorities.

“So to make sure that all of that (the environmental concerns) is actually more than mitigated, but meets and exceeds all code requirements, we have a lot of expertise that we have hired or that have worked for Microvast.”

Between hiring the right contractors and engineers, the design phase was anything but fast. However, with all of that in the rearview mirror, construction finally began. Over the past six weeks, contractors have invaded the site and started work on the structure.

“We are in a very detailed design phase, so all of this, of course, needs to be done and worked through by our architect and our general contractor so that we can get the permits to start construction, which has now started,” said Muir. . “At this point, we are still pursuing our schedule to be in production by the fourth quarter of 2023.”

Installation upgrade

The construction will see a 50,000 to 60,000 square foot expansion of the original building, giving the factory a good deal of additional manufacturing space. The space will be used for the start of the battery manufacturing process, which includes mixing the slurry that starts the electrode process, Muir said.

“They’re getting ready to pour the foundations, and the steel will start in October, and that’s very much on our schedule,” he said.

Construction crews lay the groundwork for the Microvast building expansion on September 22, 2022. (Jake Foster)

In addition to the new structure, the company is upgrading utilities and expanding the Central Utilities Building, which houses chilled water and mechanical equipment.

“There is a fair amount of work that you can see around our utilities as well. We have a central utility building and we are doubling the size of that,” Muir said. “In terms of the visible things, you see, it’s really the erection of the additional building as well as the expansion of our utilities.”

Although the project is on schedule, it has not been immune to supply chain issues created by the COVID-19 pandemic. Muir said the electronic components needed to redesign the building took a long time. He said they spent a lot of time making sure the electrical design was locked in and parts were ordered well in advance.

“What’s happened is a lot of creativity, a lot of strong partnerships with our equipment vendors as well as our general contractor, and frankly, some changes we could make from one widget to another widget. which shorten lead times. So we went through our design to the smallest detail, questioning everything and the delivery times of the things we need to buy. And it continues, but at this point everything is still on target.

Clarksville Recruitment Begins

Microvast has begun to ramp up its hiring process and is now seeking candidates for top leadership roles. Over the next four to five months, the company is expected to begin hiring for all positions, shift operators, quality control, administrative staff and other key management positions.

“We are definitely hiring. Our webpage is where jobs are posted right now. We recently added staff to include a Human Resources Manager, so our hiring process is becoming more aggressive. »

The company still plans to hire about 300 employees for the plant and says Clarksville is the right place to do so.

“One of the main reasons we’re in Clarksville is that we feel like the employee base here in Clarksville and Montgomery County, in addition to coming out of Fort Campbell, is exactly what we want. exploit,” Muir said.

Once operational, the batteries manufactured in the factory will be shipped to several companies and buyers around the world.

]]> Technical analysis GBP/USD: Anticipation of BoE decisions https://futurekomp.net/technical-analysis-gbp-usd-anticipation-of-boe-decisions/ Thu, 22 Sep 2022 16:00:24 +0000 https://futurekomp.net/technical-analysis-gbp-usd-anticipation-of-boe-decisions/


  • The collapse of the British pound has become the talk of the markets and investors, as has the collapse of the Japanese yen.
  • The largest losses in sterling were represented by the performance of the GBP/USD currency pair, as it fell to the support level of 1.1235 before stabilizing around the 1.1272 level at the time of the trade. writing the analysis.
  • The pound continues to falter as the Bank of England is urged to make major rate changes.
  • The back-to-back 75 basis point gains markets are expecting from the Bank of England set the stage for an epic disappointment for the pound.

Money markets are now priced at 200 basis points of hikes over the next three decisions, which means the bank will have to raise rates by 75 basis points in two of those meetings. That’s more than any other central bank in advanced economies is asking. Markets point to a 60% chance of a 75 basis point hike on Thursday, which would be the biggest rate hike since its 100 basis point move in 1989.

The pressure on the bank to raise interest rates with such increases comes with other central banks continuously raising interest rates. We have already seen the European Central Bank raise interest rates by 75 basis points this month, while the Swedish central bank raised interest rates by 100 basis points on Tuesday and today the Reserve US federal government raised the US interest rate by 75 basis points. The BoE needs to at least match market expectations if it is to defend current GBP valuations. This applies not only to the dollar, but also to the euro and a host of other currencies. Commenting on this, Nick Pennenbrook, international economist at Wells Fargo Securities, said: “We expect the BoE to raise its key rate by 50 basis points to 2.25% in this week’s monetary policy announcement and then will continue with a 50 basis point rate increase in November and a 25 basis point rate increase in December.

Maintain GBP/USD Support

Such a default at the September policy meeting would be quite bearish for the pound, and those looking to protect their international balance of payments might consider stabilizing current rates or placing an order to protect balances of payments. This is the time when economies prefer currency appreciation in order to minimize the impact of imported inflation: with a strong dollar, the cost of energy and goods imports for non-producing countries has become surprising .

Central banks that are not seen as tough enough in such a competitive environment risk further devaluations and higher inflation for longer. Therefore, maintaining GBP/USD support will be a political consideration for the BoE in upcoming meetings. The pound has struggled through 2022 as the bank has established itself as a reluctant wanderer, often moving in smaller increments than the market had expected.

When he responds to market expectations – as was the case in August – he has a knack for issuing such dismal directives regarding expectations that the market will sell the pound anyway. As a result, Credit Agricole analyst Valentin Marinov said: “The pound continues to collapse.“Among the reasons for the disconnect between the foreign exchange and interest rate markets appears to be skepticism among foreign currency investors about the ability of the Monetary Policy Committee to meet hawkish market expectations.

Recent trading has seen the pound fall to its lowest level since 1985 against the dollar and its lowest level since February 2021 against the euro amid fears of disappointment from the Bank of England, and the continued demand for the dollar in sluggish market conditions and expectations of a sharp economic downturn in the UK. Meanwhile, the Bank of England is expected to provide more details on its plans to sell to the market the bonds it bought under the quantitative easing program, which could raise the cost of government borrowing.

The government’s debt position will be fully understood by Friday when Chancellor Kwasi Quarting releases a ‘mini-budget’, detailing the cost of the energy price cap and further steps to be taken on taxes and intentions expenses. And the ‘mini-budget’ label should be treated like a traditional British cut. The UK’s borrowing path appears to be another concern for international investors and helps explain why the pound is hardly supported by higher bond yields.

GBP/USD technical analysis today:

GBP/USD’s downtrend is gaining strength and across all time frames technical indicators have reached oversold levels, and traders may take advantage of the recent slump opportunity to consider buying the pair currencies. I see the 1.1240, 1.1180 and 1.1090 support levels as the most suitable to think about. On the other hand, and as I mentioned before, there will be no breakout of the current trend, based on the performance on the daily chart, without breaking through the resistance at 1.2000.

The sterling dollar pair will be affected today by the market’s reaction to the decisions of the US Federal Reserve and what will be published by the Bank of England today.

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New York court orders Tether to provide USDT reserve documents https://futurekomp.net/new-york-court-orders-tether-to-provide-usdt-reserve-documents/ Wed, 21 Sep 2022 09:04:50 +0000 https://futurekomp.net/new-york-court-orders-tether-to-provide-usdt-reserve-documents/

A New York court ordered Tether to provide financial documents showing support for USDT.

According to the order, Tether must produce all trade transfer records of any cryptocurrency or stablecoins by the company and other documents such as “ledgers, balance sheets, income statements, cash flow statements and profit and loss”.

Tether must also provide information about its accounts at Bittrex, Bitfinex and Poloniex.

Tether objected to the order

The stablecoin issuer opposed the order, saying it was overkill and burdensome, but Judge Katherine Polk Failla disagreed. According to her, the complainants specified why the information was necessary.

Judge Failla wrote:

“Documents sought in the Request for Proposal Transactions appear to relate to one of the Plaintiffs’ key allegations: that the…Defendants engaged in cryptocurrency transactions using unsecured USDT, and that these transactions “were strategically timed.” to inflate the market”.

The order is linked to a lawsuit that accuses Tether and Bitfinex of manipulating crypto markets to the detriment of traders.

The plaintiffs claim that Tether lied about supporting USDT and also alleged that the stablecoin was used to buy Bitcoin (BTC), inflating the crypto market and causing the eventual crash.

According to the plaintiffs, Tether caused over $1 trillion in damage to the crypto market.

Tether did not respond to a request for comment at press time.

Algorithmic stablecoin faces 2-year ban

Bloomberg reported that U.S. lawmakers are working on a comprehensive stablecoin regulation bill that could have a huge effect on industry operations.

According to the report, the lawmakers’ bill would ban algorithmic stablecoins similar to TerraUSD for the next two years. The report stated that it would be illegal to create or issue new “endogenously backed stablecoins”.

The bill would also allow banks and non-banks to issue stablecoins based on established procedures. However, companies would be prevented from mixing their assets with customer funds – stablecoins, private keys and cash – in the event of bankruptcy.

Meanwhile, the bill would direct the Federal Reserve to study the effect of a proposed digital dollar on the economy and the financial privacy of citizens.

Terra’s implosion has led to increased calls for regulation of the fledgling industry.