Global trade set to slow, after record $28.5 trillion in 2021

A look at failing economies: How do you measure the prosperity levels of any environment when economic behaviorism and fiscal management fail to add up anything in proper totals or columns? How does one know if an economy is failing or reaching for the stars when misinformation surrounds it and hypnosis amazes it? How do you know when to change the game, set the rules, and follow the right recovery paths? Thinking of new ideas is always offensive to the old mindset; change is always very disruptive to bureaucracy and overall age competitiveness extremely scary for existing skill levels. Why fight for change? Why would we move forward?

Seek the courage to face the truth: When solving obesity requires a life-size mirror, an economy requires a calculator, because when the numbers are real but the columns and totals are wrong, facing the truth takes extraordinary courage. The opportunity losses are often far greater than the current losses, the waste of human talent is far too tragic, and the overall grassroots prosperity performance is far too miserable. When a world never stops for all or for a single nation, only bold discussions provide potential answers, for silence remains the only proof of incompetence in facing the truth.

The term “economic development” is a misnomer: Firstly, the term “economic” is about numbers, their origin, source and manipulations, best handled by skilled mathematical abilities and a job seeker’s mindset, while “development” is about creating new businesses and new businesses better suited to entrepreneurial work alone. creative mindsets. While the job seeker mindset grows and builds the organization, but the job maker mindset, pitch the idea and build that organization in the first place. Both mindsets are good and are essential to balancing each other for dramatic growth.

Understanding the New Mindset Hypothesis: Finally, the mindset hypothesis challenges any government department or agency to have too many math job seeker minds mandated by economic development, but with a severe lack of entrepreneurial spirit. creating jobs, putting all economic development on the wrong track and ultimately damaging the desired economic growth.

The LinkedIn exposure: Check anywhere in any country, economic development teams as their LinkedIn profiles already speak volumes, a quick test to identify between the number of job seekers and the mindsets of job creators within department or agency will further clarify this. Once everything has been reviewed and sorted to satisfaction, a minimum 50-50 balance of moodsets is a good start. However, departments and teams with only 10% or less, such a lack of job-creating entrepreneurship places the economic development process as redundant and a liability to national economic progress.

Mapping the world: Around the world today, there is nothing higher on the national agenda than “economic development” as every nation strives to create grassroots prosperity to stabilize local citizens and uplift the economies of small and medium-sized enterprises. Therefore, observe how a new global crisis of mentalities exists, which divides objectives and challenges national models. National mobilization of entrepreneurship is slowly progressing around the world and nations are prioritizing small and medium business economies for sustainability.

Recognition of the state of mind and not facial recognition: In a world where everything is measured, from gender, race, religion and culture to where facial recognition applies in the name of “AI” and where all decisions on human resource management are programmed accordingly, ignoring what the new mindset hypothesis places on economic growth. a big dilemma. If current economic progress is the answer most sought after, obviously the visible damage to national economies is proof of such dysfunctions. Bringing the two mindsets together to work together is a new art and mobilizing economic development a new science.

Rules of engagement: Nations of the world, find the best former Olympians to coach and train their high potential athletes to become the best competitors for gold medals and send them to world Olympic competitions with confidence and pride. For such challenges, they never hire their local librarians or acrobats from their local circus acts. The world is hyper competitive and exporting to a wide open world requires very special skills to create, design, produce, manage and export and not just games.

Global Anti-Aging Shock Therapy: The number one shock for any economic development team member around the world is to walk into a globally recognized trade fair and witness the progress, quality and price of goods and services available globally. whole. Naivety on these subjects, proven almost daily, around the world, reflected in dwindling exportability figures, only proves nations unprepared, their progress unskilled and their lack of depth on world affairs of the age on competitive mandates. The crucial importance of placing the right teams in such mandates, now placed in the hot seat, challenges some 200 nations, some 1,000 ministries and various organizations already engaged in economic development who now face a new hypothesis to lead

Do the simple test: How can we ever revive, develop and build an economy of small and medium-sized enterprises without an entrepreneurial spirit that creates jobs? How can we even begin to germinate such thinking on specialized topics without being both the mindset of job creators and the mindset of job seekers to create a common path of progress? How can we articulate such challenges without real tests or evaluations of each department, agency, professional group, chamber or ministry? How to define the new rules of engagement especially when the absence of organizational rules is lacking? How can one mobilize small and medium enterprises in any region or across the country without authoritative knowledge and understanding of such mobilization? Take a simple test across the department. Study Expothon on Google

Solutions in three steps: Without understanding mindsets and the correspondence between job title and skills and expertise, there is no department. Without a job seeker mentality; mathematical skills, there is no legitimate extraction of economic data. Without a job creator mentality; entrepreneurship, there is no growth or development. Without creating the right balanced relationship between the two mentalities, there is no economic development. Without bringing the two mindsets together as an art and a new science, there is no grassroots prosperity. Find the problem, adjust the balance and move the economy forward

Follow the Trail of Silence: Without a revolutionary mindset to uplift the national economy, creating the two mindsets to come together as a progressive combination is nearly impossible to uplift the national economy. Observe how calm and silent economic development is on issues such as true entrepreneurship for reasons of fear already excluded from academia, the halls and hallways of the institutionalized economy on the administrative side of the economic wings of national leadership. Dig deep into why the best entrepreneurs around the world are still college dropouts, why they aren’t seen in government departments and now, as technology changes access and exposes serious pitfalls, what will it take to create revolutionary change. Who will lead, follow or get out of the way? All doors are open now and all options on the table. Pandemic goodbye, endemic welcome

The rest is easy

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