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Halo Infinite could feature one of the most balanced arsenals of any Halo to date, with all but a few weapons feeling perfectly viable in the right hands. For the first time since its introduction in Halo 2, the Combat Rifle is not the pinnacle of the Halo competitive meta, and just as groundbreaking is that 343 has finally delivered an assault rifle that is not straight trash. . .

That said, the balance came at the expense of excitement, with an arsenal a little flatter than before. Many guns with the potential to kill in one shot (like the Sniper, Skewer, and melee weapons) have been made more clunky to use, while others (like the classic Halo shotgun) have been made more clumsy to use. directly replaced. Even people like the Ravager and the Hydra feel a bit weaker than they should, making it look like 343 has compressed almost all weapons into the same kill time window from 1 to 2 seconds.

Still, some weapons will always shine above the others, and knowing when to trade in for a new pickup can be the difference between victory and defeat in the hectic arenas of Infinite. Many guns also come with the added utility of alternate fire modes which you will need to be aware of before picking them up.

Here are the best Halo Infinite weapons

The best Halo Infinite weapons are:

Stage Armed
S BR75 combat rifle, M41 SPNKR rocket launcher
A M40 assault rifle, power sword, gravity hammer, sniper S7, mangler, sidekick MK50
B Shock Rifle, Brochette, Heatwave, Bulldog CQS48, Stalker Rifle, Sentinel Beam
VS Disruptor, Plasma Gun, Hydra, Needler, Scorchshot, Ravager
D VK78 Commando Pulse Rifle

List of Halo Infinite weapon levels

Level S

Level A

Level B

Level C

Level D


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