Here is an update on fees and payments for Quick Quotes Spot

Our Quick Quotes Spot product is designed to provide you with Instant Booking Confirmation, First Vessel Loading Guarantee, Transshipment Port Loading Guarantee and Equipment Guarantee. The unique characteristics of this product must constantly adapt to a highly variable market environment, where the quality of production of our product is important for your cargo planning. While we strive to deliver our product with the utmost precision, we must also ensure that freight commitments are met. Therefore, we look forward to keeping cancellations and no-shows as low as possible.

In view of the above, there will be a change in the cancellation and no-show fees, as well as in the payment of compensation. Given the versatility of our Quick Quotes Spot product, applicable fees and compensation payments will be globally*, per container, as percentages. Here is an overview of this structure**:

• The compensation fees and percentages per container will be as follows:
o 5% cancellation fee
o 10% no-show fee
o 5% of the compensation amount
• Values ​​mentioned above will be based on the Quick Quotes Spot Marine Freight amount plus Marine Fuel Recovery Fee (MFR) related to trade.

• In order to maintain a balanced approach, the amounts resulting from the calculation of the percentages will be capped at:
o Minimum $200
o Maximum 1200 USD

• Charges and clearing values ​​will be in the same currency as the Quick Quotes Spot shipping charges.

• The new percentage-based structure will be in place from August 4, 2022.

• The cancellation structure will be considered from the date of purchase.
Source: Hapag-Lloyd AG

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