Horoscope Today, December 4, 2021: View Daily Astrology Prediction for Zodiac Signs Aries, Leo, Capricorn


Aries, Gemini, and Aquarius ascendants are likely to stay busy with issues in the workplace. Read your daily predictions to know the possibilities of your rising sign.


Aries sign that people may have to deal with negative reactions from people to their proposals as well as some kind of illness. Their emotional and physical energies will descend in the morning. However, things will start to fall into place in the afternoon. Your hard work and persistence will pay off and solve many problems. Exhaustion can keep you restless and confused, so you may not be able to calm down. A young person in the family can bring comfort to your life.



People with the Taurus sign will have to deal with the complexity of an intimate relationship. You definitely need to be more caring and sincere towards your partner. This might be the day for you to get started on the job front. Retailers need to be mindful of their partners while making some changes to their strategy or approach. Your health stars indicate problems. Excessive consumption of food and drink can cause discomfort.



Gemini people need to be careful throughout the day on all fronts, whether it’s your spending habits or your interactions with people around you or even your health. Problems and challenges will persist on all fronts for you to negotiate. Make sure you don’t create new conflicts by being disproportionately harsh on a minor issue. An older friend can offer important advice for overcoming challenges. Your competitors are preparing a lap.



People with a sign of cancer are advised to analyze their financial situation, investments, personal commitments, and routine demands. If you are going for a job interview today, you should be well prepared and check your documents carefully before you leave home. A minor altercation is possible between you and members of your family. You should try to be indifferent to the small arguments that the young people in the family have. You will sleep well.



Leo sign people need to focus their energies on the right job. This will earn them rewards and job satisfaction. A father figure can help you land an important and prestigious assignment that will add to your profile. You may feel selfless paying attention to some of the not-so-exciting projects and it may anger your boss, so be careful. Be prompt to attend all projects with sincerity. Household chores and relationships can demand attention and your energy too. Spend wisely and wisely.



People of the sign of Virgo may not have the zeal and zest to go about their routine tasks. Lack of interest in work can delay the completion of even important tasks. There will be an influx of money from an unexpected source and you will be left with surplus money. You are likely to splurge on yourself to buy something luxurious. Retailers, as well as wholesalers, will find the right conditions to make a profit. You need to be caring and much more expressive in your relationships. If you show up for an interview, you need to prepare well.



The sign of Libra can get lost in their analysis in general. They are likely to have lengthy face-to-face and telephone conversations in order to decide on their next steps in life. You may remain irritable and react abruptly to people. It will only bring an unpleasant air into your relationships so you have to be careful. A young person in the family may see your interest in their activities as an intrusion and may react rudely. It will be better to maintain the distance. The afternoon can bring new possibilities in terms of work.



People of the sign of Scorpio can remain stressed from too much work and different types of demands on time and energy. The family atmosphere will be peaceful and comforting which will rejuvenate your energy to meet the challenges. There will be a greater influx of money from various sources and your financial situation will improve. A father figure can give important advice. Refrain from entering into any kind of debate with your spouse to avoid any breakup.



People with the sign of Sagittarius may not have the adequate physical and emotional energy to face the world and meet challenges. Too much work and your recklessness can cause you health problems, including seasonal illnesses. You have to bring your senses together and try to work. Completing certain tasks will be a big boost to your confidence and enthusiasm. Do not waste your time in small arguments otherwise, breakups are possible.



People with the Capricorn sign will end the day by doing household chores with a positivity. Today is a good day to extract your pending payments. Even simple reminders can do the magic. If you show up for an interview, you need to prepare well and work on your confidence and body language. Use presence of mind and conscious thought before answering questions. A young person in the family is at risk of injuring themselves and asking for your intervention. The stars bring a certain emotional imbalance for partners.



People of the Aquarius sign will face some issues in the workplace. Avoid being brutal with your senior officers to escape any breakup with them. Your colleagues may not cooperate with you adequately. You need to respect your partner’s feelings. You can be a little clueless today. There will be chances of making sudden monetary gains. Your offspring will do something to increase the comfort in your life.



Pisces are likely to have a quiet time in the company of their friends and relatives. You will have the opportunity to show your courage and you will jump at the chance. This will earn you pride of place in the books of your elders. It will be a day of beginnings and ends. Personal relationships, whether they are married couples or lovers, will keep a spark today. You cannot ignore your partner’s feelings.

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