How to level up faster in Elden Ring

Elden Ring mimics the leveling systems of Dark Souls and Bloodborne. Players can quickly level up by helping or hurting others, as well as using items.

Ring of Elden launched and veteran dark souls players clamor to level up and advance through the story. However, with the huge amount of players, there are also a lot of newcomers who may not be familiar with the previous ones. dark souls and transmitted by blood common practices. It can be a bit difficult to figure out how to level up efficiently without wasting time.

Ring of Elden uses runes, a system similar to souls and blood echoes in other FromSoftware games. They are used both as experience and as currency to purchase goods from merchants. When players want to level up, they must sit at a Grace Site and speak with Melina to trade runes. However, if players die, their runes will be left on their corpse. If one of them perishes again, all previous runes will be lost forever.


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Leveling points will only last so long before the amount of runes earned exceeds the effort. At this point, players should continue with the main Elden Ring storyline. However, the same farming tactics of helping or harming other players will still apply to all Ring of Elden.

Rune acquisition items in Elden Ring

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Before leveling up Ring Elden, it’s a good idea to collect a few items to increase or improve rune collection. All of these are consumable, making their use limited but balanced. Some of the best items include:

  • Chicken feet marinated in gold: Increases the amount of runes enemies drop. Sold by a returning merchant from previous Souls games. Can also be crafted with Four-Toed Fowl Foot, Golden Firefly, and three Rowa Fruits.
  • Sacrificial Twig: Prevents losing runes in case of defeat. Sold by the Lone Merchant in western Weeping Peninsula.
  • Finger Rune: Instantly earn a set amount of runes. A common drop found all over the map, best saved when leveling up at a Grace site.
  • Memories: Instantly grants a large number of runes. Different are earned by defeating bosses. However, they can also be given to Enia the Finger Reader to craft weapons, armor, or boss spells.

Multiplayer leveling in Elden Ring

Using online modes is the best way to collect runes in Ring of Elden. When visiting a new world, host bore bosses and other enemies can be farmed for additional runes. Two main elements are used, the Small golden effigy and Wrapped Finger from Tranished, both earned near the start of the game. The former is typically used in the open world, where players can be summoned all around the map. The former places a summon panel in one place, making it more ideal if players want to farm dungeons, bosses, or a particular region of the world. the finger cutter can also be used to go home – or manually dismiss cooperators.

Generally, it’s best to level up by helping someone else at the start of a dungeon, and eventually helping a boss. This is because standard enemies are much easier and more reliable to defeat. The cooperator will not gain any runes from a boss if he or the host ends up dying. If one wants to farm a boss, it should be weaker bosses that they can quickly solo without needing help. If, for some reason, a cooperator and a host have different agendas, it’s best to part ways before wasting each other’s time and effort.

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PvP Leveling in Elden Ring

Elden Ring features mounted combat

It is also possible to obtain runes in Ring of Elden by killing others in PvP, although the amount is usually only comparable to a standard enemy. While every fight might not be worth much, stringing together kills can still level up consistently. But, hosts and invaders should beware of the workings of the system. Once a co-op has been summoned, an invader can still spawn and turn any co-op into PvP. Alternatively, invaders may have to deal with up to three enemies – the host and two cooperators – which means some brave tactics will be required to avoid being ambushed or ganked.

A few possible items are needed to start PvP in Ring of Eldenalthough there are more later in Ring of Elden. The first is the purulent bloody finger sold by the nomadic merchant in eastern Limgrave who will forcefully invade another world. The second is the Duelist’s Wrapped Finger found on a corpse at the northernmost point of Limgrave; this allows a hostile summon organized by a host. Finally, the taunter’s tongue used to attract invaders to the host. This item is inside Roundtable Hold – a scenario base that cannot be discovered through exploration – and you will need to defeat Mad Phantom Alberich to receive it.

Solo leveling in Elden Ring

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Although using online is an excellent method, Ring of Elden players can still find themselves at times when they cannot summon others. This may be due to network issues, regional differences, or particular areas where multiplayer may be disabled. In these cases, it’s a good idea to use all acquired runes to build up attack stats (strength, dexterity, intelligence, faith) and then take on some of the tougher enemies. With both combat stats and new, more powerful weapons, enemies will be able to be killed before they have a chance to counter; making defenses useless.

Simpler enemies with lots of runes are mostly found on the eastern edges of the map, in places like Greyoll’s Dragonbarrow. This can be reached by riding Torrent and quickly jumping over the rough terrain northwest of the Caelem Ruins. Another option – especially if Caelem is too high level – is to head to Marika’s Third Church in Limgrave. There will be a blue teleporter that will transport players directly north.

It may be better to combine some of these tactics to Ring of Elden. This could include deliberately placing his Furled Finger summon sign at Greyol’s Dragonbarrow and helping others cultivate. Players can even use their boost consumables while others assist. However, it could also make the area a creeping invasion or ambush target.

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Ring of Elden is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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