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GREEN BAY, Wisconsin., July 22, 2021 / PRNewswire-PRWeb / – Founded in 1996, Kono Kogs has twenty-five years of experience in the purchase and refurbishment of thermal oxidants, regenerative thermal oxidants and catalytic recuperative oxidants; an installed base of more than 400 oxidants on 5 continents and a large inventory of used systems available.

In a recent RTO refurbishment project, Kono Kogs demonstrated its unmatched capabilities while providing a cost effective solution to a customer’s demanding air pollution control needs.

The process began with selecting the best system as the base system: two used RTOs (Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers) from Kono Kogs inventory, featuring one of the best rotary valve designs on the market. This was an important consideration for this customer’s pressure sensitive manufacturing process.

Customer’s metal coating application contains highly condensable VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), which tend to build up on the fan impeller in a typical forced draft RTO system, causing fan imbalances. The solution was to move the blower to the exhaust side of the RTO where the higher temperature at the outlet prevents buildup on the blower and blower wheel.

This app also has cold and hot air streams that combine just before the RTO. An inlet mixing box was added to control temperatures before entering the RTO, preventing the buildup of condensate on the walls of the ducts and the RTO valve.

Injection of natural gas has been added, resulting in exceptionally low operating costs and low NOx emissions. The gas train has been completely overhauled with upgrades necessary for proper control of a new low NOx burner, which has been added to meet local codes.

For the operational flexibility of the process, an innovative tandem operation has been created. This involved the addition of priority logic, additional isolation buffers for each RTO, and a common duct manifold design. An Allen Bradley ControlLogix API and PanelView HMI have been added to a completely redesigned UL listed control room. The result: All eight processes can be directed to one RTO, both RTOs, or a single RTO, making routine maintenance easier.

In addition to these app-specific updates, Kono Kogs performed the complete overhaul they are known for. RTOs have been reduced to their main components: the rotary valve, ceramic media chamber, and combustion chamber. Almost all ancillary components including fans, blowers, exhaust stacks, burners, and most gas rails have been replaced.

On the remaining subsystems, Kono Kogs refurbished rotary valves (including new gaskets), completely rebuilt pneumatic cylinders, replaced solenoid valves, inspected and repaired all cold face issues, chamber insulation combustion chamber and media bed, and tested and replaced all instrumentation as needed. Kono Kogs also supplied new ceramic brackets designed specifically for this application, to reduce clogging.

With over 150 years of experience within its core team, Kono Kogs is an industry leader capable of delivering the most complex reconfiguration jobs to meet the tough demands of air pollution control. But they still like to meet simpler needs, especially those of first-time buyers navigating the confusing maze of oxidants and regulations. Visit konokogs.com for more information.

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