Licensed Crypto Exchange Review

CryptoKG is one of the most popular websites for making money online with cryptocurrencies. It is known in 140 countries around the world, its services are used by millions of crypto traders. The company allows you to earn money from home safely and comfortably for beginners and pros.

The exchange is registered in the UK, regulated by EU law and supervised by the European Financial Supervisory Authorities (ESFS). This proves the honesty and reliability of the company.

What services does CryptoKG provide:

  • Licensed fiat to cryptocurrency exchange
  • Digital Asset Margin Trading
  • Professional investment

Exchange under license

The exchange allows anyone who wants to quickly exchange regular money for cryptocurrency. If you are looking for where to open a secure crypto wallet, you can register an account with CryptoKG, and there you will have a wallet with the function of licensed exchange from USD and EUR to USDT and BTC. Trading is available 24/7.

Exchanging fiat money for cryptocurrency is profitable here, as the broker does not charge users any additional commission. The costs can only be borne by the bank or the payment system used by the customer (for example, the commission of the bank issuing the card from which the dollars were exchanged for bitcoins).

The question of security in the company is also well thought out. Since cryptocurrency exchanges are often hacked, CryptoKG requires prior account verification for the exchange. Only users who have verified their identity can have access to the exchanger, which minimizes the risks. Verification usually takes no more than 30 minutes and is performed only once. In the future, the user of the exchange will be able to change money instantly, in 5 minutes and immediately start earning money from home.

Margin of negociation

All of the most popular online income websites offer the ability to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. However, in CryptoKG, the opportunities to earn income are much wider, with over 300 digital assets available here:

On the exchange platform, you can make profitable trades with the most popular and promising coins, as well as with tokens for oil, gold, platinum, stocks of major global companies and major stock indices.

The price dynamics of tokenized assets correspond to the dynamics of the underlying assets on the NYSE, NYMEX, New York and Chicago exchanges. This means that exchange users receive accurate and honest market quotes for professional trading.

Thanks to the variety of tools, CryptoKG clients can make money from home in all types of markets with equal ease and take full advantage of the benefits of blockchain technology.

Commercial conditions

To buy and sell tokens and cryptocurrencies, the company offers its clients a leverage of 1:2 to 1:20. With leverage, you can multiply the volume of the transaction and, therefore, get several times more profit with less investment.

Trading conditions are the most transparent: there is a fixed spread of 0.1% for all trading instruments, which allows profitable trading both intraday and long term.

The digital asset trading platform does not need to be downloaded – this distinguishes the broker from other sites for making money. It is a browser-based platform, which is available directly in the client’s personal area on the exchange website. In this platform, you can perform technical analysis using built-in indicators, as well as open market trades and pending orders.


The cryptocurrency market is increasingly seen not only for quick gains, but also for long-term investments. CryptoKG clients can invest in Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies with unlimited time frames.

Moreover, the platform allows you to create a balanced investment portfolio, which also includes stocks, precious metals and commodity assets. With the markets being very volatile at the moment, professional investors prefer to diversify their risks and invest in assets of different classes in order to earn profits even in the most difficult economic conditions. And CryptoKG users have this opportunity.

For those who don’t know how to make money from home, how to build an investment portfolio, which assets to select, how to limit risks and manage finances, CryptoKG experts offer a service package, “Personal banking”.

Account Types

There are 6 account types available in the CryptoKG+ demo account for beginners. Each type of account includes a set of tools to earn money online. For example, the Silver account (500 USDT) includes daily analysis from the company’s experts and a leverage of 1:5.

The Gold account (from 5000 USDT) includes personal consultations with analysts and trading signals.

The Platinum account (25,000 USDT) includes more consultation, an education program, trade analysis and a trading robot.

The advantages of a VIP account (100,000 USDT) are 1:0 leverage, a personal financial advisor, 2 trading robots and 2% balance accumulation.

The VIP+ account (500,000 USDT) has all the benefits of the VIP account, but the accumulation percentage is 2.5% and the leverage is maximum 1:20.

Finally, the most professional Dragon account (1,000,000 USDT) unlocks the maximum opportunities in the crypto market. There are 5 trading robots, a personal manager, 3% accumulation and 5 risk-free trades.

Deposit and withdrawal methods

Depositing and withdrawing funds at CryptoKG works reliably and quickly. More than 20 best methods are available for customers:

  • Bank transfer (SWIFT and SEPA)
  • Cards (Visa, MasterCard)
  • Electronic wallets and payment systems (UnionPay, Skrill and others)
  • Crypto wallets are the most profitable and convenient way for crypto traders.

If users have questions regarding deposits and withdrawals, they can always contact the financial support service: you can find their contacts by clicking here. Specialists respond quickly and competently.

Registration and verification

To register with CryptoKG, simply go to the official website of the exchange, click on the register button in the upper right corner and fill out a simple form.

The personal account is available immediately after registration: you can familiarize yourself with the platform and open a demo account. To trade cryptocurrencies and trade on a real account, verification is required. It is necessary to upload scanned copies of identity documents to your profile. This condition is a requirement of EU law, as CryptoKG operates legally.


CryptoKG can be called the most popular website for online earnings among crypto traders who appreciate professional approach and variety of trading assets.

Working with the exchange is reliable, since the interests of traders are protected by European Union legislation. The management of the company is also interested in the success of its customers, therefore it provides a convenient platform, additional tools and ensures the security of transactions.

To start working with CryptoKG, click on the registration link.

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