Local reaction is mixed, but NIL is here to stay in Iowa high school sports

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) — The IHSAA and IGHSAU released guidelines on NIL in Iowa high school sports on Wednesday.

IHSAA executive director Tom Keating said the guidelines aim to set standards and help young athletes and parents navigate the world of NIL.

“I don’t know if I would say (NIL is) a good thing or not a good thing, I would say it’s here,” Keating said. “We thought it would help parents and students with guidance.”

Local reaction has been mixed. Western Dubuque baseball head coach Casey Bryant says it’s just about athletes getting what they deserve if someone is willing to pay.

“I’m pretty sure most high school kids aren’t going to make a fortune out of this,” Bryant said. the fact, not the others.

Others, like Linn-Mar’s head football coach Tim Lovell, worry that sponsorship deals will put the “I” into the team.

“We don’t have anyone getting paid right now and so I would hate for the team’s perceptions to change because someone is making money,” Lovell said.

Here is the full list of guidelines published by the IHSAA and IGHSAU:

A student may earn compensation for the use of their name, likeness, and likeness (NIL) in accordance with current IHSAA regulations and provided:

  • Compensation is not contingent on specific performance or sporting achievements (e.g. financial incentives based on points scored).
  • Compensation (or potential compensation) is not provided as an inducement to attend a particular school (“undue influence”) or to remain enrolled in a particular school.
  • Compensation is not provided by the school or any agent of the school (eg booster club, foundation, etc.).

By claiming compensation for NIL:

  • The student shall not use the marks or logos of IHSAA or member schools in any NIL activity.
  • The student must not wear any clothing or equipment that includes the IHSAA logo or member school marks or logos in connection with any NIL activity.
  • The student must not refer to IHSAA or the member school’s name or mascot in connection with any NIL activity.
  • The student must not use the facilities of a member school for the purpose of NIL activity.
  • The student must not promote activities or products associated with the following: games of chance; alcoholic beverages, tobacco, cannabis or related products; prohibited or illegal substances; adult entertainment products or services; or weapons (for example, firearms).
  • The student and family should seek advice from their member school.
  • The student and family should seek their own legal and tax advice when considering NIL activity.
  • The student and family should contact the NCAA, NJCAA, and/or NAIA to ensure that any NIL activity does not compromise college eligibility.

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