Mumbai: The “murderer” of a senior citizen needed cash to repay the loan for the sick father | Mumbai news


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Kalyan: Four days after a Kalyan elderly woman was found murdered in her home, a conservatory worker who had a contract with the Kalyan-Dombivli community was arrested for the crime. According to police, the defendant Vijendra Thackeray aka Vasu (35) planned to rob the woman in order to repay loans for his father’s medical treatment.
On February 28, the body of Hansaben Thakkar (71) was found with his throat cut. She lived alone. Things around the house were found to be in order, which the police concluded that they knew the killer.
Thackeray, whose father had undergone an operation, had borrowed money to treat his father. The father of two was unable to repay Rs 1.5 lakh, deputy police commissioner Anil Powar said.
Thackeray, who was part of a conservancy team that picks up trash from residential areas, had come into contact with Thakkar. “He found out that she lives alone,” said the other police superintendent, Dattatrey Karale.
Karale added that before Thackeray robbed Thakkar, she had visited her apartment for five or six days. On the evening of February 28th, he went over to the house. Since Thakkar knew him, she let him in. “He asked her to give him money and she refused. That’s where he killed her, ”said Karale.
He couldn’t find any valuables in the house as Thakkar kept them in the house of her two daughters.



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