Myles Turner’s 3 Best Shopping Destinations

A Myles Turner trade has been a hot topic for the past two seasons now. With the NBA’s trade deadline drawing ever closer, it’s starting to gain momentum again. The Indiana Pacers made it clear early this season that they were ready to hit the reset button, which would have made Turner and Domantas Sabonis available for the right trade.

The Pacers’ first shot blocker could benefit a number of teams. However, which teams would be best suited for Myles Turner? Without further ado, let’s take a look at Myles Turner’s best possible shopping destinations.

Myles Turner Commercial Destinations | NBA Trade Deadline

Boston Celtics

The Boston Celtics have desperately needed a real big man for what seems like ages now. The team loves Robert Williams, however, if Turner is there for the right asking price, it would be hard to turn down. Adding a career 2.3 blocks per game after attendance would certainly strengthen Boston’s defense and, in turn, wouldn’t hurt their powerful offense much either. With the star duo of Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown leading the offense, Turner wouldn’t be asked to push too hard offensively, providing a much more balanced overall offense for the Boston Celtics.

Charlotte Hornets

The Charlotte Hornets are another team that could get a massive upgrade at their center position with a Myles Turner trade. No disrespect to Mason Plumlee, but Turner would amp up Charlotte’s rim protection. Not to mention, it would be interesting to see the pick and roll game between him and LaMelo Ball. The Hornets are a growing young team and adding someone like Turner would signal to the rest of the NBA that they mean business. It would also be another positive step in their rebuilding process so far.

Minnesota Wolves

A frontcourt made up of Karl-Anthony Towns and Myles Turner looks a bit odd at first. Especially since both players are pivots. But, keep in mind for a moment that a Myles Turner trade would make Minnesota’s frontcourt offense very balanced. KAT would still be the number one option offensively and Turner would provide valuable rim protection to help KAT with their defensive shortcomings. Turner should probably move up to power forward, but that might not be as important as some think. Also, don’t forget that Turner is capable of stretching the ground as well as he can hit a three once in a while. He shot 34.9% from beyond the arc for his career. Minnesota may seem like an odd fit, but it might just be a fit that works perfectly.

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