“Russia and Bangladesh are working out modalities to ensure uninterrupted transactions and exchanges”

Russian Ambassador to Bangladesh Says

Alexander Mantytsky. Photo: Collected


Alexander Mantytsky. Photo: Collected

Russia and Bangladesh are working out modalities to keep transactions and trade between the two countries uninterrupted, Russian Ambassador to Bangladesh Alexander Mantytskiy said today.

During a press conference at the Russian embassy, ​​he said that the two countries were considering different options, including exchanging national currencies and using banks from third countries.

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This development comes after the United States imposed sanctions, in particular on the SWIFT system following the Russian-Ukrainian war of February 24.

The press conference entitled “A month of Russian special military operation in Ukraine: causes and results. The post-truth world” covered five key areas – the background to the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, the diplomatic efforts of Russia’s aim to avoid conflict, the results of Russia’s special military operation, the West’s role in the militarization and Nazification of Ukraine, the economic consequences of the conflict, and Russian-Bangladesh relations in a new reality.

Responding to a question about Bangladesh’s vote at the UNGA on March 2, the Russian envoy said they highly appreciated Bangladesh’s “responsible and balanced” attitude towards the resolution.

“We express our gratitude to the Bangladeshi side for their neutral stance taken despite the huge external pressure in the said vote,” he said.

The Ambassador said that the Foreign Minister of Bangladesh, AK Abdul Momen, had very precisely defined the reasons for Bangladesh’s abstention. “So I have nothing more to add.”

Alexander Mantytskiy said Russia’s “special operation” on Ukraine came as Russia faces security threats with NATO’s growing expansion in Europe.

Asked about the hundreds of civilian casualties in Ukraine in the Russian attacks, he claimed that Ukraine was using civilians as a human shield.

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