Sisolak launches Nevada infrastructure week

A Nevada version of “Infrastructure Week” kicks off Monday in Carson City as Governor Steve Sisolak seeks to highlight ongoing infrastructure projects statewide. The governor will also travel to Las Vegas and Reno for events on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.

The State Infrastructure Bank Board Meeting directs the events of the week. In the 2021 legislative session, Governor Sisolak pushed for passage of Senate Bill 430, which would help the State Infrastructure Bank get started with a needed infusion of $ 75 million of loanable funds.

SIBs are revolving funds managed by the state. This means that all loans and interest are reinvested to fund additional projects. SIBs can offer direct loans or credit enhancement products to help finance infrastructure projects and have typically focused on transport infrastructure in the past.

The Nevada SIB was established by the legislature in 2017, but was never funded.

Additional events during the week include:

  • Tuesday: Governor Sisolak, accompanied by Christine Hess, Executive Director of the Nevada Housing Coalition, will visit the construction site of Decatur Commons, an affordable housing development in Las Vegas. He will also meet with residents who have benefited from such developments.
  • Wednesday: The governor will visit the Culinary Health Center in Las Vegas, a state-of-the-art healthcare facility that serves 55,000 culinary workers and their families.
  • Friday: The directors of ORMAT Technologies will offer a visit to the governor of their ORMAT Technologies steamboat project. Nevada is emerging as a leader in geothermal energy, and officials have said they will show how infrastructure funds can be used to finance similar energy projects in the future.

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