T-4 tactics instructors and lenders in Lynchburg organize security course for brokers in response to the recent attack


LYNCHBURG, Va. (WFXR) – Marco Galbreath, founder of T-4 Tactics, is helping create a prevention program called Safe Realtor Training to ensure realtors within the community are prepared for any threats they may face while they work.

This program is designed to provide local realtors with an opportunity to learn self-defense techniques and develop response plans for potential harm.

Safe Realtor Training is a joint effort by local businessman Craig Daliessio and T-4 Tactics instructor Marko Galbreath.

“In response to the attack on the broker, Craig reached out to me and said, you know what? Let’s do something, ”said Galbreath.

Galbreath explained the importance of this reactive training, especially given the current climate in the country.

“Ninety percent of the bad guys send out small signals about what they’re up to. So we have to teach people something, you know what? I’m not getting good signals. If your stomach tells you something, join in and leave the situation, ”he said.

Lynchburg real estate agent Irina Moldavsky spoke about the various precautions she takes in her work and open house tours.

“All doors are open and I can escape through the back of the house if necessary,” she said.

Daliessio hopes this program will alert brokers to the potential dangers that can arise anywhere.

“When that happens, it makes people aware of it, wow, that could happen, you know?” he said.

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