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I will end my Blockchain rant with a brief rundown of some of the top 20 coins / tokens and give a brief explanation of what I see to be in the future.

Bitcoin ~ The big daddy, is not going anywhere and will remain the king but is extremely overrated and the number one user of “scarcity” as a selling point. (FYI, there is no shortage, one Bitcoin broken down into Satoshis means there is enough for every human on earth to have 200,000. Rarity my ass.

Ethereum ~ Also very overvalued, moving on to proof of stake and still trying to make itself capable of doing things it was never intended to be like ladder. It’s just another old, slow technology that brought the ERC20 tokens to the masses.

Cardano ~ I will do a full article soon and review the comparison on this.

Peas ~ Another highly overvalued Digital Currency Group shitcoin.

XRP ripple ~ This one is probably the most overvalued of all, XRP does nothing for its holders, provides no income, and Ripple spends money at will as they have convinced thousands of its immanent adoption (did not not produced in 8 years, never). The same as attaching a blockchain to a cloud doesn’t improve either, it just means more transactions, XRP is the same with cross-border payments, you don’t need a coin or token for it, it’s a product created for a market that never existed.

Solana ~ I won’t go over it too much, they just had a big problem and had to reset it. It’s like Iota, it has a pause / reset button.

Uniswap ~ AWS dependent myth that has fooled thousands of people into believing it is a DEX or decentralized exchange, it runs entirely on AWS. You can’t be much more centralized than AWS. But like I said, in blockchain it’s not illegal to lie, mislead, or improperly label your product, just do what needs to be done to make sure the triangle idiot pays everyone.

BitcoinCash ~ The Shitcoin Fork which does what 90 percent of other coins do, sends from address to address, and pays miners. Another waste of space and free dollars for minors.

Internet Computer Defined~ LOL first I have to stop laughing, even when I type in the words Internet Computer, I think of that aspiring turtleneck who thinks he’s Steve Jobs. He even recently labeled the PKI “The World Computer”, it’s just another shitcoin using centralized commercial data hosting services, but in Dfinity they are called “independent data centers” which is a other way to lie to you by saying that we use commercial cloud and data centers, but our data providers use our network nervous system, it kind of avoids the truth about where the data is hosted. These guys surpass any other blockchain for lies, by a mile of country.

When you really think you’re brilliant and your idol is Steve Jobs LOL

Final words on blockchain

You’ve probably come to a reasonable assumption that I’m both jaded and offended by the existence of blockchain.

Let me be clear, even though this is a seedy industry that is very volatile and manipulated, that doesn’t mean that everyone who owns coins or tokens or works with or for blockchain is a bad person, that’s just not true.

There are a lot of great people in blockchain, but across the industry it’s dirty.

And when it comes to blockchains that attach to commercial data centers and cloud services for their nodes, for their stakes, etc., there is nothing wrong with that, nothing at all.

Unless you’re lying about it, that’s when things change. If I am the CEO of a blockchain company offering to run applications using my blockchain and my nodes are commercial and centralized, why not just say it, there is no harm in that because it is the only viable option at the moment?

Because then they don’t sell the myth anymore, they sell the truth and guess what?

Bullshit sells much better than the truth.

I will stop there. 🙂

Let’s talk holochain

Given my obvious thoughts on how lousy blockchain is and what I mentioned above, you probably would expect me to launch into a more sacred speech than you about the nobility and honesty of Holochain and on the fact that he has no flaws or challenges to face, you would be wrong to expect that.

First, I will mention the good, then the evil, then the unknown.

What I think Holochain has that a lot of blockchains don’t have is a lot of ethics, their management team is made up of smart people who worked on this long before Bitcoin first came around. on stage.

Eric and Art, the two founders of Holochain, are nice, honest and sympathetic people, as are the rest of the team that I briefly interacted with, including Mary and David.

You couldn’t ask for a more reputable and respected leadership group.

I’m not going to rewrite things that me and others have written a million times over what Holochain can do in relation to Blockchain, this has been done to death, although it is an ongoing thing as there are two things in the path of Holochain.

One is that it is quite complex, which is both an advantage and a disadvantage because explaining its potential and the areas where it can be used and where it can and will disrupt current technology also touches the field of blockchain. because cryptocurrencies can be created using Holochain with its intended function as an application framework and hosting company.

To give you a brief scale comparison, please see the article below from Art Brock.

If you want to learn more, visit the Holochain or Holo websites or check out some of my other articles.

In this article in particular, I want to focus on HOT and HoloFuel and the exchange and what I think that will mean for Holo and Holochain hosting itself, regardless of what the cryptocurrency markets are doing at the time, although this is still relevant.


HOT is the symbol for the Holo token which is currently an ERC20 token that can be traded 1: 1 (one for one if you have ratio issues) for a while, the last time I read was that this will be a guaranteed period of approximately 6 months.

If I have 50 HOT tokens, I will be able to exchange them for 50 units of HoloFuel until the end of the exchange period.

The only place to redeem HOT tokens is one of the Holo hosting reserve accounts.

This page leads to many explanations on the exchange and the dynamic offer.

After the designated trade-in period (this has yet to be announced at time of writing), there is a bit of uncertainty as to what will happen with HOT.

While that is all subject to change as that has yet to happen, I understand that HOT will remain unattached to HoloFuel as a cryptocurrency entry and exit point.


HoloFuel is the asset-backed currency (via hosting) to pay for Holo’s hosting services.

Holo Customers (Think about what I just said)

“Customers”/ ”Customers” / ”Public Paying” wow, in the blockchain world is WTF a customer? (I’m facetious here because the blockchain doesn’t have clients, it has holders or owners) it doesn’t know what income is because the end product is the coin or the token itself the person who buys the coins / tokens (the clown in the triangle) is the customer.

Anyway, back to where I was, Holo customers will be able to purchase accommodation through Holo Reserve accounts (translation: directly from Holo the company) and they will be able to do so using USD / EUR / GBP / and probably a few more from the major currency pairs.

It’s also likely that exchanges like Orion Protocol and Binance will also have BTC / HF ETH / HF pairs.

Having a customer base that is not a “crypto-er” is going to be unique to Holochain initially and it is also a very good idea to allow businesses to pay commercially and have receipts from a registered company for theirs. accommodation needs.

So, as you can see, HoloFuel will bring unencrypted people to the same hemisphere, but without forcing them to create exchange accounts and go through other detailed processes, which will all be part of the integration of the Holo accommodation.

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