With a mixed chart of highs and lows, bulls anticipate gains

An uptrend prevailed yesterday, making silver a hot trade for those looking for a short-term option. Asian indices were a mix of highs and lows with the majority registering an uptrend on the trading board.

ASX 200, Australia, is at 7,029.40 with an increase of 8.8 points. The figure is impressive, except for the percentage rise against Hong Kong’s Hang Seng Index, which rose 173.27 points, or 0.86%, to trade at 20,219.04. . The percentage increase for Australia was 0.13%.

The A50 Index, China, is trading at 13,601.23 with an increase of 0.29% or 39.65 points. The only index to take a hit was Japan’s Nikkei 225, which fell 226.04 points to trade at 28,023.20.

The equity market remained a set of mixed emotions across Asia.

A smooth trend was seen in the UK and Europe with a sad face for a downtrend. Futures fell in the UK, euro and Germany, according to their respective agencies making the figures public.

Here is the brief:-


low points

Estimated opening value

FTSE 100 Futures (UK)

-3.5 points 7,478.87

STOXX 50 Futures (EUR)

-2 points


DAX Futures (Germany)

-21 points


It’s quite a blow that has been seen in the UK, Europe and Germany. The trend is shared throughout the European region, each Forex Broker keep a close eye on what will happen when the opening values ​​present themselves.

US futures rose without a downtrend, keeping the bulls in line, provided they hold their values. DJI Futures, S&P 500 Futures and Nasdaq 100 Futures rose 84 points, 37 points and 11.5 points respectively.

The United States of America is expected to release an inflation report the next day, pushing traders into a bullish bias with little potential to play in their favor.

Gold continues to show potential to touch $1800; however, there is resistance with an inadequate reward/risk ratio for better estimates. Silver was riding a bear, but has now turned higher after hitting a 5-week high and is trading above the 50-day eMA. The prices are approaching the $21 mark, hoping that they will soon cross the $22 mark.

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